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worried that PE might permanently damage penis


worried that PE might permanently damage penis

HI I’m new to this site and relativley new to PE, I have read through several

websites which claim that you can make gains to the size of your penis.

I came across a site which was run by a male doctor called Lin.

He seemed to have lots of guys emailing him about how they have damaged their penises through doing exercises off of PE sites. Doctor Lin explained that for your penis to gain size you needed to be able to produce more of certain chemicals from the brain. I did try jelqing but after I found I couldn’t get an erection properly even in to the next day although I did feel bigger flacid. could someone please give me some advice.


You can definitely permanently damage your penis with PE, although most members here do not. There have been mixed reviews about Dr. Lin and the balooning technique. There are always some risks with the potential for rewards…read the newbie section to get a better idea about the process. Good luck.

One foot to go

No matter what you choose to do in PE, the bottom line is that you are in charge of what happens. So learn to do things the proper way and resist the constant temptation to go overboard. Slow and moderate wins the race.

Anyone felt weird or ‘damaged’ after doing PE? I’m new to this thing too. Thanks.

It’s hard to do PE and not go overboard every once and awhile. Learn from the experience and remember your limitations. Clint Eastwood: A man has got to know what his limitations are!!!

I know probably less than 5 guys that have somehow injured themselves permanently.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Hi Madviking2069,

I injured myself doing jelqs with a full erection
and too much force. It has been over 5 weeks
and it’s still not healed yet.

Best advice is to read read read alot of the
info here. Don’t push any of the exercises
to the limit. If you are unsure about something,
always either don’t do it until you have better
knowledge, of do it gently.

If I wasn’t so over-enthusiastic and in a rush
to get gains I would not have this now.

That said, PE can be very safe if done properly.

Good Luck


i dont know wbaout you guys, but i can do very intense jelqs and stretches for hours and no soreness or feel any type of pain. I still get hard during the morning too and sometimes very hard during my sleep. It’s funny because i would wake up in the middle of the night holding my penis and it’s rock hard…

The good Dr. Lin strikes again. It’s amazing that it seems everybody who looks into PE somehow ends up at his site. Has anybody figured out what he is a doctor of yet? Anyhow, if you do hurt your penis PE’ing, I’m sure Dr. Lin has a cure for it, and any other ailment you might have.

Yes, you can injure your penis doing PE. I’ve gotten sore in the beginning and sometimes push things too far even now, but nothing that doesn’t go away after a few days’ rest. It’s kind of the same type of injuries/soreness you get when you have a lot of sex or just get into an awkward position. I remember back in my younger days when me and the wife would pretty much stay in bed for a weekend, and by the time Monday rolled around, my dick felt like it was going to fall off. Basicaly the same soreness I might get now if I push too hard PE’ing.

Just be careful and don’t try to rush. This takes time. You’ll learn how far you can go. And if you have to, take a few days off.

Thanks guys for all your info, i will keep reading and reading. I have also read that women prefer girth over too much length, if that is true are there any specific girth exercises. although i have a girth of 5” i would like to get at least 6”. any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Also what would be the best overall exercise to start with?

The newbie routine, conveniently located in the newbie forum, is a good place to start.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yeah crazy Dr. Lin, I remember like 2 years ago, I started doing PE, I did it for like a month or so and I think I made some girth gains that lucky stuck with me. Then I read about how PE can damage your penis and cause permanent injury. And that made me stop. I just started again 2 monthes ago, and my penis feels healthier than ever!

Dr. Lin is trying to sell products, that’s what has to be kept in mind. He also talks bad about kegeling, he says that it actually causes premature ejaculation, but I disagree with him there too, I find that kegels have gotten me more in tune with my unit, and I can relax my PC muscle and avoid the “point of no return” so to speak.

We have to remember that PE CAN cause injury, no doutb about it. So can doing body building or anything where you’re putting stress on your body. The thing to remember is the “CAN” part, because it’s up to you to monitor things and be careful enough to avoid injury.

Also, always take any infomation with a grain of salt if the source of that info is also trying to sell you a product based on that info. Infact, all information should be takin with a grain of salt, the are so many different people with different ideas and persectives, they can’t ALL be right, and what are their motives? If it’s money, power, or control, beware. Just read as many different perspectives or ideas as you can, and YOU be the judge as to what reality is.

I think reasons people are down on PE can be:
1)Penis surgery makes the doctors money.(sort of how pharmacetical companies are down on herbs, because anyone can grow herbs, but you need a lab to make chemicals! And chemicals can be patented so that they can actually OWN THEM! This makes them the only source, and raises the price=MORE MONEY)
2)They don’t want the average joe doing it, because it has risks involved. They think the average joe is quite dumb too, and not capable of using common sense. So they just try to scare them away from it.
3)It evens out the playing field when anyone can have a bigger dick.(well if they already have a dick that is)
4)They want to sell you something to make your penis bigger that isn’t free, or they want to sell something that you’ll take out of fear that they instill you with.

Stick it to the man!

After 3 month of hanging the wrong way ( I wrapped my penis slightly to the left so that I hung with my penis slightly pointing to the left ), my penis is now slight off centered starting at the base, not a big deal though.

JGman you talk of the soreness from PE being simpler to that after a hard bedroom session. Question. When i PE a bit too hard i seem to get red marks at the base and around glands. When I have too much sex get red marks sometimes loads of them after, I guess this is from friction and not internal pressure. If i get these friction ‘burns’ should I not PE for a bit? Also will PE over time harden up my unit so that I dont get this problem if I have too much sex with girlfriend?

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