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Two weeks in and worried!

Two weeks in and worried!

I´m not too worried, but I´d be really grateful for some vet advice!

I´ve read about PE for a long time now and have done the occasional bit of jelqing mainly, but now I´m getting into a routine and have been at a routine for two weeks now.

My routine is:

3 days on / 1 day off

Hot wrap
5 minutes DLD blasters
100 3 second jelqs
100 kegels
50-100 jelqs
A few minutes general stretching, usually straight down.

I have gained 1/8 in girth from improved erection quality, and I think I may gain more girth, but… my length seems to be down! When I started I was 6.5 NBPEL but these days I seem to be about 6.25!

Could it be the ligs initially retracting, only to lengthen later? Or could it be something else? I think my measuring was always accurate.

My BPEL is at a maximum of 18cm, but that is sometimes very hard to achieve.

Question - are your erections as hard and stiff as before? If not, that can affect measurement.

However, regardless, I’ve never heard of a length decrease like that. And suspect the measurement (either start or current).

My suggestion - put the ruler away for two months and just see what happens. That will require some self-control. Until you see certain gains there is this part of you that just wants to measure it out all the time. Don’t do it.

Regardless of your measurement, I am almost certain you don’t have any real loss.


what were your pre pe bp measurements.

The gain in girth shows that something positive is going on.

It would help if all measures were given either metric OR in inches.

I have noted on some good girth days the length seems to retract a little. Its as if some of the tissue used in lateral expansion is also used in linear expansion so if you have good length day girth might suffer a little and on a good girth day length might suffer a little. The best way to follow length gains bar non is bone pressed flaccid streched. It has the least variables, when you see a gain its a gain (although corresponding e rect gains do lag a little - in my case about 2 weeks).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the responses.

I think I´ll put the ruler away for a while, and just see what happens. Flaccid length and girth is up, erection health is up, girth is up because of the erection health and maybe I´ll see some gains!

I suppose I shouldn´t worry, but I do remember a time when nbp I´d be sure I was 6.5”, maybe approaching 6.7”.

I guess, based on the above advice, that I´d better just wait and see. Perhaps the best measurement would come from waiting a week and then seeing? I will go one month 3 days on, 1 day off, and then take a rest week. At the end of this week, I will measure.

One question though, when doing bpfsl I find that it´s hard to press to the bone, because skin ´lifts up´due to the fact that I´m stretching the penis outwards. Should I instead be pulling the glans only (I´m uncut by the way)? It is uncomfortable to do so.

Thanks again for your useful feedback.

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