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I don't know if I should give it a rest or not

I don't know if I should give it a rest or not

I didnt think I was overdoing anything, but I can now “feel” a vein in the bottom left side area of my totee. Of course perhapse this was always there. I just started worrying about it when i read the thrombosis vein tread. I only can feel it when an errection starts to occur. It just feels like a vein. Kind of rubbery. I can feel it under the skin. There is no dicomfort. I have no idea what to make of it or if I should stop. I was just doing the newbie routine and I was always warming up and warming down.

Im thinking about seeing a doctor to find out exactly what this is.

It’s probably nothing - most likely a vein that was always there becoming more prominent or you’re noticing it for the first time.

All the thrombosed veins I’ve had were accompanied by skin swelling over the plugged vein. A thrombosed vein stays hard like a rubber band even when flaccid.

ooooh. Interesting especially the last part. I guess it is very normal to have pronounced veins when hard. Especially after healthy PE.

Hi MS,

I believe there are two things (or even more) inevitable after you start PEing, the fact of getting your penis veiny AND skin discoloration.



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Well I am confused. When hard or semi-hard there is some “swelling” I think. I can make out the “ridge” of the vein. There is no change in skin color like with some of the veins, where i can actually see the blue or purplish lines. its just a raised ridge of skin.

When totally flacid I dont think there is anything, but as soo as the blood starts flowing it becomes evident.


When you guys talk about blockage, is it towards the top or bottom of the penis? (in the vein) where in the vein is it, at the bottom with a thrombosed vein going up towards head? Or is it a thrombosed vein leading up to the blockage near the tp of the penis?

And when we say the vein is “hard” is it still pliable? is it like a releif ridge? Is it squishy? Can you “pluck” it? Is there always discomfort?

If PE continues what happens wiht that vein?

By the way it starts at the base on the left side and goes up maybe 2/3 of the way up the shaft. I havnt found anything i would call blockage yet. But I can “see” it especially in a mirror far away.

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Oh and what is the description/treatment of a “lymph” blockage?


Well Im not stopping, I can find no blockage… It runs pretty long though, the pronounced vein.

Could someone pleae describe in detail the difference between a pronounced vein (maybe from PE, maybe already tere) and a thrombosed vein or lymph blockage?

I can “feel” it under the skin, cord like, squiggly, all those apply.

Am I beating the crap out of a dead horse?

I really dont think so. But sometimes yes after a workout with stretching and jelquing.

Swelling? Dont know. There IS a pronounced “ridge” that i can see where the vein is. This can be seen or felt when semi or fully erect.

Then maybe keep doing PE but keep a sharp eye out for the things mentioned above. If it starts to bother you, stop immediately and take a few days off. Then try a little lighter workout and see if the discomfort returns.

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Good advice, thank you. One more question:

How long after laying off PE does it take before gains start to disappear or before built up coditioning starts to become undone?

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