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rest day help


rest day help

How do you place rest days into a routine?

Do you do 2-on/1-off? Or PE on mon-fri and rest on the weekends?

It depends

Since I am simply doing hanging, I am on for 6 days and off on Wednesdays as I need to do some extra things that day. It’s a good day for me to be off.

So you can either look at it from a weekly standpoint, or just look at it from a longterm standpoint. By the latter I mean you are committed to doing 2 on/ 1 off (as an example) no matter what day it is. And it would be important to have a brief enough program or time in your daily schedule to make that schedule work for you.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that doesn’t cause alot of time obstacles for you, either in getting your PE in or the other responsibilities of your life. That way you can be successful in everything.

If there’s one thing we know at this point, it’s that consistency is a vital thing for PE success. A balance of work/rest is important for decent results, but going in great spurts of activity mingled with too much downtime will ultimately frustrate you.

rest days

I got off to a rusty and bumby start and i now have found what I think to be a good starting routine for me. I am jelqing 10 minutes then doing squeezes(NOT fully erect) and ulis(clamp only 2 fingers at the base, for now, as closed as i can get them one after the other) combined with squeezes, and this is a program i would highly recomend for a starter because its not that stressful and it really inflates after your done. I am on a 1 on 1 off schedule and wil remain here for atleast till the end of my second week on this routine for the initial break in and also I get sore(not in a bad way) the rest of that day and the day after. so start slow and work up and make sure you get your rest days!!!

JS - cool.. I did a 1/1 program when I started. Especially if you’re new *and* doing squeeze manuevers would that ensure appropriate rest. I found later it was too much rest, but I think it’s wise in the beginning.

I’m doing 5-2 now but will switch to a 2-1 when I switch over to hanging in a few weeks, which I assume will be more intense on the penis

Sounds good, yes, no?

I am sooo glad you asked this question! I have read where you are supposed to do it everyday except one day off every 2 weeks to 1 day on one day off! I am currently 2 on 1 off, 2 on 2 off mainly because of work schedule.

Is this enough at 4 days a week?


yes, i asked this question becuz as i understand it, the penis is not a muscle, thus you don’t exercise it as such (i.e. infrequent sessions)

From what I read in the other threads, the key is sustained stretching with adequate rest. Is this true?

If so, I’m trying to figure out what ‘adequate’ is

Ok, ya got it reversed.

For hanging you want to hang for many days in a row interrupted by a day or two of rest. So 5/2 is classic for hanging. Like I said, I and some others are doing 6/1 now. That’s not that some don’t do a 2/1 for hanging, but not that many.

For jelqing or squeezes in addition to stretches (as they are usually thrown in), you want a 2/1 or 1/1, or perhaps a 3/1. But 5/2 would basically rag your penis out completely.

Now if it’s just plain stretching you could adopt a hanger’s schedule. But the addition of jelqing or squeezing changes the need for rest. The stresses of hanging compared to jelq/squeeze are different and so is the target of the exercises themselves. Therefore, the work/rest pattern is different, also.


Another potential injury scenario avoided, thanks to you!!


jelq stretching res days

I am jelqing and squeezing 1 on 1 off and doing stretches those days. the stretches consist of 2 sets of v stretches, 4 sets of 30 second hangs where I pull strait down, and 4 sets of 30 circles where i pull strait out and do 30 circles. the circles and hangs I can really feel stretching the ligs but I think they may also be doing somehting in the actual penis cause I know the v stretches are. So my question is, can i do my 1 on 1 off schedule and on my off days do the stretches minus the v stretches everyday but one or will those type of stretches hinder the healing of the penis? Thanks a ton for all the help this site has given, I would have been lost wiht out it!

rest days

As there is no real scientific data on PE, what is mentioned on rest days and healing stems from common sense, experience, and some knowledge of human tissue. Obviously cells need time to grow and so rest is called for, healing must also take place. Añlso listen to your body….if it isn’t turn for a rest day, but things don’t feel right, then REST. If you need a week off, then TAKE IT.

I personally feel that hanging many days straight - say 10 - , for as many hours as poss, followed by perhaps 3-4 days rest could be a good routine.

But then I could be way off the mark. :)


Guiri - I think that’s a pretty interesting thought on hanging routine. Are you hanging now and have you tried it?

JS - I would say do your stretching and jelqing on the same day. Stretching puts stress on the tunica (which is mainly what jelqing does) so if you alternate that isn’t really that much of a rest day.

No time

This is a busy time of year for me. However today I managed to do 3 hrs in the morning and I’m just finishing another hour this arvo. But this is my first day this week. And probably my last. Have had to put the ball ringer on the shelf for a bit too (did use it a little on Monday).


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Great info! You have really helped clarify…thanks!


BH - hanging routine

After re-reading your question, I assume ‘have you tried that - what is your routine’, right?

Unfortunately, the weekends are out for me for various reasons, although sometimes I can PE on the w/e - once in a blue moon. So let’s say I do 5 on 2 off, and I can’t usually do all 5 days either. I also try 1-2 hrs morning and 1 hr evening (again schedule rarely allows for this more than two days running).

However, when I do 5 days with both morning and evening sessions, it feels like a good workout, and the rest days also feel good….I feel I am resting.

Hope that clears things up a little.


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