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growth during rest?

growth during rest?

In bodybuilding you train the muscle hard and then rest. When the muscles recover they grow. Do you guys think the same theory holds true for pe? What are your theories and does anyone have any stories first hand about seeing growth occur after rest periods.

Also, do you think it’s possible to overtrain your penis so that it doesn’t grow at an optimal rate? I’ve become a bit obsessive in that I pe every chance I get some time alone. I notice a lot of people schedule rest days in their routine. I’d like to hear especially from those who have gained at least 2”.

Yes, rest is very important with PE. Most people do see gains after a good rest period.

As to over training, its very easy to over do it. The best advice I can offer is to slowly start into PE and only increase your reps and intensity very slowly with time. It would be more beneficial to take longer rest time than over train.

As to similar to bodybuilding, you can do a search on hypertrophy to find threads about others view on the subject.


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