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Huge gains and no jelqing

Huge gains and no jelqing

Hi, this is my first post.

I started jelqing around April to June this year. I had decent gains not too much lenght but a noticeable increase in girth. My NBPEL was around 13.5-14cm (5.3-5.5 inch) I remember measuring my penis constantly in the last 10 years and that was the usual lenght.
I stopped jelqing because I couldn’t find enough privacy, but this week I started again and found my NBPEL is 15 cm (5.9 inch)..

Now, I started a diet around march, I was somewhat overweight, 90kgs, the diet stopped around November at around 72.2 kg. Now I’m starting to bulk for muscles.
Some people might said it was the fat in the crotch area, however, when I was a teen I weighted less and my penis still was around 13 cm, since hen I’ve had periods of huge weight gains and huge weight losses and the penis lenght always remained the same. Two years ago I was at my current weight before a huge gain and don’t remember measuring my penis at more than 13 cms.

I did not made a single jelq in the last five months and I can’t really believe it was the fat. I’ve been at the gym for a year and my diet was low-carb. Could this been the reason?

Welcome 5inchstallion.

Either way, congratulation on the gain and on the weight loose.

Welcome 5inch. Well, the little jelq you did are the ‘culprit’ of gains - I can’t see any other answer.

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