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How to tell if you've injure your ligs

How to tell if you've injure your ligs

I hear so many people say that they have injured their ligs. How can you identify that you have injured your ligs from stretching or whatever?

Well, how could you tell you’ve done something to them, like how would they feel?

Basically, when you are stretching your ligs, you are sort of trying to create small injuries to them all the time. Really majorly tearing one is another issue. That would cause so much soreness that you couldn’t touch them at all and heavy bruising atleast. Trust me, you’d know and you’d have to visit a doctor about it.

Some soreness isn’t just normal, it’s actually a good thing, if it’s in your ligs.

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Originally Posted by base
Trust me, you’d know and you’d have to visit a doctor about it.

YEP! Tore a tendon in my arm once during football and I can guarantee that any time you truly tear a connective tissue you’ll know.
Immediately. :)

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