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Suspensory ligs versus fundiform ligs !

Suspensory ligs versus fundiform ligs !

I want just to know what is the more “easy” too stretch between suspensory ligs and fundiform ! (“easy” mean more rapidly result )

I know that the fundiform is “in” the shaft so if I want to stretch the shaft I must focus on the fundiform ligs first ?

I hoped someone else would answer this. Maybe an experienced hanger can add comments.

The diagram you refer to when making this statement is simplified.

It may be worth looking at posts covering hanging angle (BTC,OTS etc) for instance HairyGuy’s recent BTC thread. You will never completely isolate particular ligaments, even ots hanging will cause stress to the suspensory ligaments. The tunica is probably the greatest resistance to growth after initial gains (if you’ve seen initial gains).

Is it because you are unhappy with the gains you are currently getting that you ask this question? If so what is your current program?

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I have just notice that when I hang , my suspensory lig “react ” very well in BTC and when I hung in Straight out or straight down I notice that my fundiform “make lot of resistance” and I never felt any soreness in that area but just in the suspensory !

If you stretch one set of ligaments greater then the other and they grow more eventually, with the same hanging angle, the stretch should even out.

It make sense that btc hanging stretches the suspensory ligaments more but this will change with time if you continue to hang this way.

Where are you feeling the soreness though. There have been threads I have read that have made reference to abdominal tearing.

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