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Should you treat your ligs like pit-bulls or like golden retrievers?

Should you treat your ligs like pit-bulls or like golden retrievers?

I know it’s a funny title but it helps you to visualize what I’m talking about. Some people swear by completely fatiguing the ligs and never letting them rest. Like pushing them to their limits and beyond. This requires brutal amounts of training and usually gives you ligs that don’t want to budge but are forced to. Very similar to the way fighting pits are trained. Is this a good strategy?

Let’s look at our other options. Slow, light stretching that tries to convince, not force, the ligs to move in the direction of the pull, and thus grow. Some swear by this saying that longer amounts of light hanging or jelqing gives the ligs just the motivation to grow. Just as a master gets a golden retriever to do what he wants, not by force but by gentle persuasion.

I don’t know…..maybe a different view, I’d like to hear what everyone thinks.

I like the latter idea, but the former seems more the case as time wears on.

I wonder if a pit bull would make a good hanging device (with suitable protection). You know the way they grab on, don’t let go and shake :)

Just use an Electronic Training Collar on your prick, Veg:) . The folks at Cabela’s claim they work great! Seriously, on the “pitbull” analogy, best be careful. I used alot of weight fairly quickly and got some pain and irritation in surrounding areas that had nothing to do with dick enlargement. Perhaps start with the Golden Retriever approach and then move toward a Pitbull approach if and when the nature of the beast dictates. They say always move slowly with dogs…they don’t like fast movements and are likely to give a nasty reaction bite. Slow progression is a good way to PE, too. groa

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