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How To Retrieve Hidden Pubic 1 inch

How To Retrieve Hidden Pubic 1 inch

Hey vets,I need your advice on this one:When I measure my length,there is always an inch hidden in the fatty pubic area.I am a slim guy and has no weight problems but that pubic fat wouldn’t hear that.Is there a way to rescue at least 50% of this hidden length from this region just above the penile shaft?Via liposuction or whatever perhalps?

Thanks Slack.So liposuction can’t do it?

That sounds extremely painful in that region. I imagine it would be painful in the stomach region, imagine your pubic region. I would stay away from that for sure

You need that fat to keep from getting a bone bruise when you bump uglies. Haven’t you heard, “The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’.”

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