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Hours per inch?


Hours per inch?

Perhaps it’s been done here before - but I’d be interested in responses to loosely establish an AVERAGE length of time it takes to gain a length of 1 inch.

So, posters, as accurately as possible, respond with your best estimate of time involved to gain an inch of length - if it took you 100 hours to gain 1/4 inch, that would translate to 400 hours for a full inch, etc. Please also indicate whether jelq or stretching was used, and if both, a best guess of percentage…

NO, this is NOT a “scientific” study - but even a loosely done one could be very informative…


good question, mraverage

I’ve gained 1/4” girth, and 1/4” length each time on two separate occasions. Both times took on average 35 sessions of apprx. 1 hour of stretching, jelqing, and squeezes. (I’m currently hoping to repeat this performance)

That would equal about 140 hours per inch, both girth and length.

Of course, I’m not really a veteran, so that’s not taking into account those plateau periods everybody warns us about where I might not get any gains for who knows how long:) .

Personally, pe hours are like milestones to me. If I spend 10 long hours over two or three weeks and it doesn’t show up on the ruler, I can remind myself that 10 hours(for me) equals 1/14”, and that’s not going to show up really. Counting the hours gives me patience and hope, before there’s measurable results.

HMMmm - surprised at the lack of participation here - seems this COULD be a fair tool for newbies or other trying to plot a course to their PE goals - at least a ROUGH estimate of needed PE involvement could be a GOOD thing…


107 hpi from stats. Probably about 130 hpi now.

The question is not really revelatory (even for newbies). Some grow fast at the start, some spend months going through different routines until they find one that works for them. Most people seem to slow down the more time the have been PE’ing

What is “fast”? What is “slow”? :)
I think info like this gives us a little better idea of knowing when a routine just isn’t working for us.
When I was a newbie, this info would have given me a ballpark idea of what to expect, or more specifically, what not to expect(my goals were unrealistic:) ).

Now, if a guy actually put in only 60 hours to the inch, I’m pretty sure we’d all like to know his routine…
It’s just not as useful to me, personally, if the same guy says “I gained an inch over the last 5 months. I’ll want to see his routine and approximate the hours he put in to get his extra inch. That’s kind of how I gage the success of a routine, though I may be alone in that.

I can get a little better understanding of where I’m at even from one person’s stats, such as those memento just posted.

…and mraverage, you haven’t given yours yet?


hmm. So if someone gains one inch in their first month with a newbie routine you would copy their routine?

Any of the guys that have been around a while seem to either slow down and/or pile on the pounds/stress. In the unlikely event that a hanger grew 1 inch in a month a year in to their program by hanging 30 lbs, how useful is that to a newbie?

So splitting off the hours per inch into quarterly or 6 month segments might be useful but surely the simplest thing to say is, you’ve got to commit years to see sizeable gains :)


I suspect that if I knew back then how many hours would be required to get an inch, I’d probably have taken up building a ship in a bottle instead.

Alternatively, maybe think: “I can do this for 4 months, or 6 months.”

Counting hours for an inch seems to me very akin to watching a pot of water come to the boil.



AHA...I've been enlightened...

O.K., now I THINK I can see what you’re saying:
Since the same routine isn’t in all probability(in theory, anyway) going to give consistant gains, but is probably going to slow down and possibly fail as time progresses, then linking time per inch with a certain routine would be nearly useless.

See, since I had similar per hour gains during two pe-ing periods, I assumed that I would probably get those results again. But you veterans are saying that I shouldn’t expect gains to be constant, that a plateau is probably inevitable and so the original question of this thread is sort of moot. You’re saying that the penis responds differently(likely less) as it becomes conditioned, that the last gained inch is a whole different ball game than the first. You’re saying that building a ship in a bottle would be a better use of time.
Just kidding about the last part…lol

Well, just go ahead and burst my bubble, why dontcha!! :cry:
The truth hurts, but you veteran guys know what you’re talking about.

But hey, ANYbody that gains an inch in a month, I still gotta hear their routine:D

I started PE in July 2001. At that time I was about 4 inches by 3.5 inches flaccid. Now at the end of November 2002, I am 7 x 6.5 inches (sometimes 7) flaccid. I have done PE , hanging ,Jelquing (lots) and pumping. Assume 5 hours per week for 16 mos.= 61 weeks = 305 hrs. That translates to about 100 hrs per inch BUT the first inch would come a lot faster than the last because there has to be increasing resistance as the stretching and growth continue. And in my case I think that is what happened: the first inch came a damned site faster than the last.

Another factor is the type of exercise. Thre are some exercises I do that I have discovered my self and shared with a few guys which definitely stretch the ligaments to the point where they ache in just a matter of ten minutes activity. You just can’t do them every day because it would hurt too much- but they deliver the pull you need to get the growth.

But it isn’t just about rate of growth. It’s about the fact that you can finally change the size to please yourself and your significant other to the point that there are exclamations of pleasure and approval, and looking in the mirror, you feel better about yourself and that’s what matters.


I didn’t mean to be in any way discouraging with the crack about a ship in a bottle. Just realistic. PE is highly time-consuming.

I don’t believe it is possible to suggest to anyone that an inch will take them x number of hours because we are all so physiologically different. An average might be determined, but what will that really say to any of us?

You work. You get your gains quickly or slowly. It is at the end of that road of work that you enjoy the results and don’t care any longer how long it took to get to wherever.



So, theorectically, me and two other guys each have 100 hours of pe under our belts.
One guy gets 1.25 inch. Another gets .9 inch. I get .2 inch.

Mightn’t this suggest to me that I should consider looking at what they’re doing differently? I know that there’s no guarantees that what they’re doing will work for me, but still…

Avocet, I saw your data on Size’s PE Data Site —it was inspiring!

“Mightn’t this suggest to me that I should consider looking at what they’re doing differently? I know that there’s no guarantees that what they’re doing will work for me, but still…”

Which was pretty much ONE of the points *I* was coming to - if you find that YOU are spending LOT more time with little or no gains, compared to even a loose and “unscientific” standard - wouldn’t you want to know that just MAYBE you needed to do something different?

PLUS, if you are anewbie, and had hopes of significant gains in a relatively short period of time - a FALSE hope for most, and discouraging - wouldn’t you like to see at least SOME sort of outline as to what is likely to be involved - to decide if it’s even worth your getting started with?

I know *I* would prefer some form of honest estimate - up front, even a loose one - rather than a “well, everyone is different - you’ll just have to try it for a while and see what happens in your case…

As for my own progress - I haven’t practiced enough of a regular schedule to even come up with a time vs inch - been 2 years for a 1 inch length, 1+ inch girth (approx) gain and about 2 inch flaccid hang gain, currently at about 7” length x 6” mid-shaft, 6.5 towards the base - wish I had better track of time involved - sorry… Frankly, it took lots longer than *I* had expected or hoped… But that’s partly due to my admitted failure to maintain a decent daily schedule, no excuses…



hey what execises , examples , that wold fatigue the ligs in ten minutes


Hello incogne!

When you get a chance check out Forum Guidelines please.

53 hours per 1 inch of length

I just updated my PE spreadsheet and thought you all might find my numbers interesting.

At day 58 of my PE program and doing PE 1.5 hours per day and 6 days per week I am increasing BPEL at the rate of 53 hours per 1 inch. Also, my girth is increasing at the rate of 235 hours per inch. I am sure that the rate will decrease as my penis gets larger but at least it is interesting information.

My stats:
Beginning 10/22/02
BPEL 5 5/8”
Erect girth mid-shaft 4 15/16”
Erect Girth Base 5 1/4”

Last measure 12/18/02
BPEL 7.00”
Erect girth mid-shaft 5 1/4”
Erect Girth Base 6 1/4”

So my to date gains are:
BPEL 1 3/8”
EGMS 1/3”
EGB 1”

My current routine:

Warm up 5 minutes with heating pad
Stretch 20-25 minutes @ 16 lbs with home made hanger
gain erection and enter pump tube
pump 6 minutes up to 6” vac in 1.75” tube
Wet jelk 100 firm strokes
pump 6 minutes up to 6” vac in 1.75” tube
Wet jelk 100 firm strokes
pump 6 minutes up to 6” vac in 2” tube
Wet jelk 50 firm strokes
pump 6 minutes up to 6” vac in 2” tube
Wet jelk 50 firm strokes
Warm up 5 minutes with heating pad

Occassionally I will throw in some erect bends, ulis and pan squeezes.

I would say that it is worth the effort!!

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