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How soon can I start clamping and pumping

How soon can I start clamping and pumping


Three weeks ago I’ve started hanging and was wondering on how soon I could start clamping and pumping for girth enlargement?

Thank you.

How long have you been doing PE? Clamping is an advanced exercise and should be attempted only after you have conditioned yourself with the newbie routine for a few months. Although I am sure there are some that have started sooner, I did not start clamping until the 7 month mark (basically when I felt I was ready for it).

I can’t comment on clamping (haven’t tried it) but I would assume the same thing would be applied.

Hi Skeebo,

I’ve been doing PEing for 3 weeks.

Thanks for help.

Anyone here will tell you that 3 weeks is too soon to begin something as advanced as clamping. You should focus on the newbie routine for a few months first and then after you have been adequately conditioned, shift your focus to different exercises including clamping. Remember, PE is a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t want to push yourself too far and too soon.

I wouldn’t even hang at the 3 week mark, you may be doing more harm than good. Look into the newbie routine many members here have made great gains in the first months using the newbie routine only. Good luck in whatever you choose, and remember if it hurts you’re doing something wrong.

I appreciate your help guys.

I’ll try to go ahead with a Bib hanger for 3 months, adding 1 lb every two weeks, and see if it works. If not, I’ll start all over with a newbie routine.

I used to do stretching for 2 months by using X4Labs extender,but it was so uncomfortable and no gains,at all.

No, I’ve decided to do hanging,it’s easier for me and I feel my ligs are stretching.

Stay with the newbie routine until you stop gaining from it - that may 3 months or it may be a year. Slow down or you will injure yourself.

You started hanging without any previous penile exercising?? You can’t just start hanging.

You need to follow a beginner routine to condition your penis.

No hanging or clamping before 3-4 months!

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