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Pumping VS Clamping

Pumping VS Clamping

Ok I have a Dr. Joel’s Kaplans pump along with clamping materials. Should I be doing pumping and clamping in the same workout? Or should I do one or the other?

I alternate during the same workout. 10 minute clamp, 5 minute edging and light jelqing, 10 minute pump, and then I repeat it all. I don’t know if there are any extra benefiets or some may even suggest it’s not a great routine for optimum gains, but I find it to be a good workout.

First off if you are just starting clamping you need to only do that by itself the first week. Then if you feel you need to add more to your routine then do so.

I recommend doing only 5 minutes of clamping per set for the first week. Then you can move on to 10 minutes or what ever time you see fit.

After you have gotten clamping down you can do a pump and clamp. Pump for 5 minutes ( or what ever time you want) then put the clamp on. Finish your clamping set then massage and pump again.

Doing this gets more blood into the penis before you clamp allowing better expansion.

For more info search pump and clamp.

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