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How many kegels a day do you feel is enough to be effective

How many kegels a day do you feel is enough to be effective

I don’t think I am seeing much difference from 50 a day. Could I possible do 50 in the morning and 50at night?

After how many days/weeks did you start to see better EQ from kegels?

Thanks guys

It’s one of those things that creep up on you. If you do them regularly, one day, when you are kegeling you will notice how much stronger the muscles are down there.

I never did them for EQ, mine has always been good. I do them for prostate health. But it did take a few months to really notice the strength change.

Some people report increased premature ejaculation whilst doing kegels. Some advise not doing kegels during sex.

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I’m leery of them. In my first cycle of PE I did a lot of them and I swear it was making it so I had less not more ejaculatory control.

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I have had good results from kegeling, stronger and longer lasting. I don’t think you can not do to many, I sometimes kegel while driving to work or the store, or you can while sitting around at different places, you do not have to be in the buff.

Going a little off topic here, I just thought I’d share something that I’ve noticed;

I’ve never done kegels regularly, but my muscles down there are easily strong enough to hold in an ejaculation without much effort. I mostly attribute this to my weightlifting regime (I have certainly noticed it getting easier since I started lifting 6 months ago - before that I couldn’t completely hold it off). So if you’re into that sort of thing (which it seems a lot of people on this board are), I really don’t think that kegels are necessary - heavy squats and deadlifts will do wonders for the small muscles in the pelvic region.

I’ve noticed no difference in orgasm control, but many people claim that kegels made things worse (see a few above) so if you do decide to start kegeling regularly, I would suggest that you focus more on long held contractions, rather than many short reps.

I think it’s unnecessary to do kegels every day, and actually works against you. You would do bench press every day because you’d want to allow your chest muscles to recover - so it’s probably best to do the same for your BC/PC muscles. Stick with your program.

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I used to do kegels 4 days a week on the interstate, (autobahn). I would enjoy the twisty, lethal, drive down out of the mountains. Then get on the interstate and do kekels for 10 minutes until I hit the city.

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