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Routine planning phase 1: Kegels, evolved.

Routine planning phase 1: Kegels, evolved.


Introductions out of the way, time to get down to business. The Newbie routine covers warm-up, stretching, jelqing and kegels; as I stated I’ve dabbled in PE before (though lately I haven’t really done anything) and kegels have thus far been the only exercise I’ve clearly benefited from. Thus, I’ll start my planning there.

I’ve always been able to ejaculate twice, or sometimes more, 90% of the time .. So no problem there. As I got superficial knowledge about kegels I tried it out. It was fine, but as my underlying goal was PE, I found the contracting motion a bit discouraging. Would the muscle, as it strengthened, in fact shorten the appearance of the penis? Perhaps not, but why risk it? I did feel that the exercise in itself worked really quickly in physical terms even as I didn’t have any guidelines as to how much (or how, generally) to do it.

Ever the designer, I set about to plan how to make kegels feel more rewarding and in tune with the PE purpose. This is what I came up with (after trying out quite a many trial and error variations): Above the headboard of my bed I attached a hook, roughly in an angle that corresponds to an erect penis while lying down (ca. 35 degrees from level from the point of origin). From the hook hangs a slim rope that is perhaps a foot short of the tip of the penis.

To the rope I attached a pocket fish scale, which measures weights up to 12kg (26.5 lbs) with a spring. From the scale another short rope follows (to for a sort of a bevel between the scale and the penis in order to keep the traction forces completely longitudinal to the structure) on the other end of which is really the weak point of the contraption: the critical attachment. I took a glans shaped cap of a used deodorant bottle, sawed and sanded it into shape and drilled a hole on top, unto which I attached the latter rope.

I’m not circumcised so I placed the cap over the glans, pulled the foreskin over it and secured it into place by first rolling plastic wrap over the whole thing and then rolling a piece of tape to top it off. It’s the only thing that I’ve devised that holds, but impractical and eventually cuts the circulation to the foreskin way too quickly for my comfort. I wonder whether the swim cap attachment can handle the sort of traction? I hope so, because it makes more sense in pulling the penile load baring structures directly and not via foreskin.

Anyway, the way it works is that one settles down, chooses an initial amount of traction and then, without moving the pelvis (an easy mistake to make) increases it momentarily with a kegel squeeze and repeats it over and over. I didn’t do this over long periods of time, but made a few observations, still. Almost whatever the traction, on the scale I used a kegel increased it by 2kg (4.4 lbs), so the length of contraction with reasonable weights is pretty much a constant. I also found that the most rewarding initial traction was as little as 3kg (6.6 lbs), partly because of the levels of discomfort increasing exponentially with the force applied and the need to do a sensible amount of repetitions. I figured one had better strike a balance between stamina and peak performance.

In the end I settled to do a series of 20*5 short contractions/5 long ones (20 sec apiece)/20*5 short/5 long/20*5 short with short brakes between similar contractions and long ones between different kinds of contractions. It was quite a while ago an I was anything but consistent, but in terms of ejaculation it worked amazingly well .. For example, masturbating sitting up I ended up shooting a load to my own face with quite some force (and beyond). To this day, years after, I can still feel the benefits.

Now, I would like to hear comments as to the rationality of this from the most experienced members. Other related comments are welcome, too. Also, I would like some help in incorporating (I.e. Modifying) this to the newbie routine. I will be going over the routine like this, piece by piece, and hopefully this will result in a well thought out and balanced personal beginners routine that I can put to use from the start of 2006. I’m kind of hoping that PE, once I’ve got it right, won’t take more than half an hour of conscious effort per day. I look forward to investing effort to PE through the year and then deciding if it is in my interest to continue.

I hope that the read above was interesting. When it comes to other exercises I’ll have further questions of similar nature.

Uh oh, eerie silence.

Is it really that bad? And if it is, what is it?

If I’m really “out there”, or even “out of it”,
Do tell. I’m a big boy, I can take it.

Well, I’ll tell ya, you being a big boy. :)

I saw immediately that this was a longish post and so I scanned it. “Rope,” “scale,” “hook,” “cap for glans,” “weights,” “force applied” and I’m thinking: I thought PE was supposed to be fun.

Frankly, I am going to have to re-read this sometime when I am in a more torturous mood. But you get an A for now for Creativity.




Just recounting the fruits of youngish enthusiasm. I’m going for a more seasoned approach now, but still, thought it wouldn’t hurt reflecting on past experiences. This just goes to show that people can have very different perspectives on things and that is why these kinds of forums are so rewarding; as I remember, the idea behind all this innovation was to make the exercise easier.

Certainly not torturous, I assure I’m not into that kind of thing in the least, but at the same time I have to acknowledge that my shortcomings (perceived physical ones a thing apart) include a quite blatant disregard for own comfort in pursuit of satisfying others and a certain lingering unease, or even guilt, about doing things just for fun. So thank you for reminding me about the motivational and refreshing virtues of fun.

Maybe fun will eventually carry my PE project further than the single minded spartan determination that so easily occupies me. Or, put in more applicable terms, there are times for a hard approach, and times for hanging loose. Right?

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