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how do i increase the girth of the base of my penis?

how do i increase the girth of the base of my penis?

i don’t know why but i find that the base of my penis is not as wide as the rest of it

this started since i tried using PE exercises and my erections are not as great as before.

sombody help please!!


Try vacuum pumping. This has given me great base girth.


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I am also a vacuum pumper and would agree with Peforeal, but a lot of hangers on this forum have also reported good base girth gains.

How long have you been PE’ing? Weak erections aren’t too uncommon, and a few days off may be indicated.

I’ll have to agree that pumping is probably one of the best things for base girth. Some have said that hanging works well too.

Hanging will do it

Are there any other ways without involving hanging or pumping?

Member name Alrdybig(sp?) praised advice given by another forum member who described wrapping for base girth. Wrap the penis fairly tight starting at the tip of the head and down toward the base to where the narrow portion begins. Stimulate until erection begins so that blood will engorge the base. Kegal and squeeze I believe. I don’t really remember the all of the details. Maybe you could PM Alrdybig from the members forum list and he could give you the link or do a search using the search function at the top of this page.


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Stretchin is referring to Base Ballooning. Andrew69 and Alrdybig have a couple of threads in the Members Pics forum. Search on Base Ballooning.

Yup. Good ol’ base ballooning. Andrew69 invented it, and I tried it out and like it.

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