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how do you increase flacid girth?

how do you increase flacid girth?

My girth is solid erect(anywhere from 5.6” to 6” depending on erection).

However, my flaccid girth could use a lot of help! Is there any way to get it closer to your erect measurements?? I am just starting now a jelq/stretch program.

Far as I know and from my own personal experience….youre gonna be smaller than your erect size no matter what you do. Unless I know less than someone else?

Still is right: “youre gonna be smaller than your erect size no matter what you do” and this is a benefit. If we went around sticking out all the time we’d put ourselves in harm’s way many times a day.

But…follow peforeal’s posts about the wrist strap he found and j meister’s ongoing study of cock rings and their uses; a lot of his info is on PE Forums. I hope he will share more about this here, too.

I believe now, firmly, that there is something to this notion. Healing from micro tears in a larger flaccid state than normal appears to increase flaccid size in the long run. I practice what they suggest and have for some time. I can come up with no other reason my flaccid size should catch up so quickly toward my erect size. Never the twain shall meet, but somehow I got “hung” soft when I was never before, no matter how large I got erect.



Look here


Here’s the link to the post that Avocet8 referred to that I wrote on using the velcro wrist strap to assist in flaccid gains, a bigger bulge, etc.


If anything, I am most pleased with the results that I have achieved in flaccid length and girth. As far as techniques go, I pretty much have employed all that everyone else has used (except no hanging) with the regular inclusion of vacuum pumping. My frequent use of the velcro wrist strap around my cock and balls and sometimes around the base of my dick only, has been an additional technique to my PE repertoire. And I think this addition has been a key ingredient to my FLACCID gains - from

1.5 - 2.0 inches (length) x 3.5 inches (girth) two and a half years ago, now to
5.00 - 6.25 inches (length) X 5.25+ inches (girth) as of 3/15/03.

I agree with Avocet8’s comment that the increase in flaccid size may be attributed to “Healing from micro tears in a larger flaccid state than normal appears to increase flaccid size in the long run.”

It’s worth a read, if you’re looking for alternate and simple ways to address the flaccid size increase issue. Best to you.


Um…maybe I’m seeing things…but my flaccid girth does look bigger and all I’ve really been doing is jelqing…

My head definitely looks bigger now when flaccid.

As for the shaft…well it doesn’t look like it has had as much of a flaccid increase as the glans, but it’s still a little bigger than before I started PEing..

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