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Is base girth not the best place to be biggest at?


Is base girth not the best place to be biggest at?

When giving my measurements I always say my base girth measurement because it is my biggest measurement. Base is 5” and I’m not sure about midshaft but it’s probably 4 1/2 I guess without having measured it lately.

Of course I want to be much thicker over my entire dick but I was thinking about it and if a guy is average thickness then wouldn’t it be better if his biggest area is midshaft or above. Being biggest at base means my best measurement is not going to be a real useful part of intercourse.

My routine is wet jelqing, fowfers, and manual strectching. Lately, when doing wet jelqing, after about every 50 jelq strokes I pause and trap extra blood in the midshaft by back pressuring with the top hand so that the top hand and the bottom hand create extra swollen pressure in the midshaft.

I also have started lately, when wet jelqing, pausing and with one hand still at the top and one hand at the bottom ( regular pressure of wet jelqing)I will bend my midshaft and hold it there some.

Suggestions and comments welcome.

I’ve always had mixed feeling about using your base girth as your “official” girth measurement as a lot of guys seem to do. Reason is, that’s not really the part of the shaft most partners will experience most of the time….how close to the base are we talking? Beneath the pubes? LOL. Are we measuring under and around the scrotum and including that too? My girth measurement I give is on my shaft. Not at “midshaft”. Of course my shaft girth is pretty much the same…6” until about 1” from the base then it is 6.25” right in front of the pubic skin. You could I guess, if you have varying shaft girth measurements at differnent spots on your shaft, rather than use your base girth or “midshaft” girth….find the average?

FWIW, I consider midshaft my “official” measurement. My base is about 3/8” bigger.

From a PE perspective, a larger base is probably better than shaped like a baseball bat. There are more exercises and techniques for working the mid and foreshaft.


Measure where ever you want to. It’s your measurement and your dick. But in Size’s data base (accessed at bottom of all pages) “the” place to measure is mid shaft. I believe that is where most people here measure, so if you are wanting to compare with others that is probobly the best place.

And like you said in your post mid shaft is going to be in her pussy most, not the base.

Im a creep but my base is actually the thinnest part of my cock.

Looking to be a kiwi.

From what I’ve heard, guys with larger base girth are in the minority.. Mine tapers from 6” under the head to nearly 8” at the base… I tend to agree with stillwantmore that midshaft is the best place to measure… On the other hand I also agree that base girth is better for the woman as her G spot is very close to the opening of the vagina and it stands to reason that more girth close to the opening would be better for the girl then at the cervix.. Just MHO…


Your amazing bro, 8 at the base dang that’s fat. Yeah I agree base girth would feel the best to a women since all her nerves and such are in the shallow end of her vagina

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Larger base girth is a bonus in intercourse. More pressure on the clitoris and pubic bone equals more stimulation. Don’t consider it a handicap. Your wife/GF doesn’t.



For most people, mid-shaft is the best place to measure. Most studies also measure at mid-shaft, so if you are at all interested in where you stand percentile-wise, that’s the place to measure.

I think a lot of guys are fairly uniform until right before the shaft reaches the pubic region, where girth ramps up quickly in the last half inch or so. For these guys, I don’t think it’s too meaningful to measure at the base. If, however, you are thicker at the base for the last 1” to 1.5” or more then it’s definitely usable girth and it would be useful to track this number. If you have such a long dick (9+ or so) that you can’t even get it all in a lot of times, then base girth is obviously less important.

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I want to ask what may be considered quite ignorant of me——-If a guy is long enough to get past the cervix and into the cul de sac is there a chance that being too thick could prevent entry into the cds around the cervix? Not that that would ever be a problem for me since I’ll likely never be real thick(but I hopefully am getting long enough to someday be able to reach the cds with most women) , but out of curiousity I was just wondering if it could pose a problem for thick guys long enough to reach the cds, especially those that are thick at top shaft?

One thing that is important to mention is that if base girth is greater then midshaft or near the head then it means that the penis is shaped like a splitting maul *or* BUTT PLUG!! Everyone knows that a tapered prick is better suited for anal sex then a prick that has greater girth at the head… Being that I have mentioned this before I let it slip my post “butt” rest assured that I was thinking about it lol….

Whew, glad you’re ok RWG ;) Your anal story thread helped me and my girlfriend down that road. I’d been with my gf for nearly 3 years (married 15 years before that) and I’d never experienced anal and never figgured I would. Wasn’t even something I thought about. However, I had put pressure down there with a finger while eating her or fucking her from behind so I knew she enjoyed that:D Then one day out of the blue my gf says she’s been doing this thing in the shower where she’s using her nails and back scratcher thing down there that feels really, really good. Not to the point of orgasm, but close.

That got the ball rolling and she said she’d like to try anal intercourse. She actually had tried it one time many years before with her previous partner. He was smaller and cone shaped, but she didn’t really enjoy it and they never did it again. When she told me she’d like to try it, I got quite excited and researched everything I could to make it a pleasurable experience. One of the things we both did was to read that thread of yours. The next time we were making love in the spoon position I just quietly slid back and up and right in SLOWLY and it felt incredible. Neither one of us came as we already had, but it went very well. Next time we were making love, we moved over to the staircase where I entered her from behind and gave her a real good fucking back there that blew our minds. “What the hell was that?” she asked. “Everything ok?” I asked back. Yeah she says that she just had this incredible orgasm from anal sex alone. :D Talk about awesome!

Both times though I still hadn’t cum in her ass. That had to wait for the third time. We spent the night together and had sex many times and I kept thinking anal, lets do anal. I could see how you became obsessed with it. lol But, I didn’t want to ask for it or like it had to happen that way every time. But in the morning we’re going at it and she looks up at me and says, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.” Damn!!! Talk about cranking things up about 10 notches. She rolled over face down and I slid it in and fucked her good. She reached down and played with herself as I pounded her from behind until we both came. Mmmmm.

Anyway, thanks RWG, keep thinking anal.

Holy shit TPS! Do you realize how good you just made me feel ? ! ? You have made my month if not year with what you did! I just know that those who have not tried the butt deal yet would just give it an honest try then EVERYONE would be doing it… The woman who demanded I do it to her has tanked my head for life… I can’t get the image of the experience out of my head and it’s ALWAYS the first thing I think of when I see a hottie! What her expression would look like, sounds she would make and all of that… I’m SO happy for you and your wife! I get to tag my wife in the ass in Feb of next year but she is dreading it… You tell your wife I tip my hat to her… She needs to talk to my wife and talk some sense into her lol…


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