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How do I girth up the base?

How do I girth up the base?

Hello everyone. I have signed up about a week ago and I am totally excited to be a part of this. I am jumping in to PE head first! I read all of the newbie material, rules etc. ; it was a lot of reading so if I make a mistake or make someone angry, just let me know. I have read an impressive amount of old and new forum entries, but I have yet to see anything on adding girth to the base. From what I understand about Jelqing, it starts at the base and you move up. But what about right where you start the movement? To me, it seems that from that point on it would increase in girth but where you started it would would not get any thicker because that is where you are starting the movement, so your member would look like the middle of an hourglass! How do i girth up the base of my penis so it looks like a virtual mountain??!!

Welcome to Thunder’s Place :)

I’m just a newbie as you, my friend.. so I can’t correct answer your questions :)
btw there’re a lot of great users here….I’m sure that someone will exhaustive help you ;)

Check into the squeezes, bends, and horse 440’s.

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Or hanging and pumping. Don’t overlook the SEARCH button on the upper right hand button bar. Do a search for Base Girth maybe. Also there usually are related articles at the bottom of this thread.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply guys! From what I understand of the Squeeze and Bend techniques etc. , the part past the area you squeeze is going to experience the pressure of blood but not the part you are squeezing. So if the furthest towards the base you can go IS the base, you can only thicken the part past it correct? So how would you get pressure to build up at the base if you can’t squeeze behind it with out reaching through your own abdomen. Do you get what I am saying? Don’t worry if you are lost; sometimes I get lost in my own logic too. I did read somewhere that hanging would supply the girth at the base. Is this true? By the way, this has a cool spell-checker! Thanks!

Be careful of some of the advanced excersises. You are far more likely to get an injury if you’re not conditioned and even then it can happen.

Yes, hanging does increase the base as the inter tunica is pulled out.

Look up between the balls jelqing too. It’s not mentioned very much here.

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