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How can I make an ADS without cutting circulation?

How can I make an ADS without cutting circulation?

I wanna make an ADS that I can wear indefinitely, with a very strong tug. What I’m trying to figure out tho is this- How can I make an ADS without cutting circulation? I know I’m probably gonna have to have at least some of the penis-gripping end of the attachment apply some pressure towards the inner penis and not just friction on my shaft, so I don’t just stretch skin. I want it to always just be there, kind of like braces..

Options I’ve considered (VERY open to suggestions)

-Something that applies good pressure, but only to the sides of the shaft. It’ll be kind of like the BibHanger, but my problem is- I actually have owned a BibHanger, and I know those things cut circulation fast, ESPECIALLY if you get an erection, which is always a possibility.

-Something that just grabs/sticks to the glans. This could work, but with erections spontaneously inflating/deflating the glans as well, I just don’t know what kind of adhesive can tolerate that kind of surface variance. A noose would definitely cut circulation. Also, I imagine something like this, if successful, could lead to some really ugly looking gains

-A vacuum, maybe like the Phallosan. My problem is that with the forced I want to use, the vacuum would probably have to be so strong it would probably eventually cause blisters if used extensively

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I’ve tried using Tom Hubbard’s jelq sticks (one at the base and one behind the glans) and a compression spring. It was kind of weird, but I liked it. Also, there is the biker ADS…it is very cheap to make.

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