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Home made ADS help me out :P

Home made ADS help me out :P

Heya everyone, I’m 18 now, posted on this board like once a long time ago, I’m back and ready to get down too it XD for everyone see’ing this, this is prolly the first time uve noted my existence; so let me just say again- HEYA, wassup!? I hope I can become somewhat intergrated into this community at some time in the future :P

Now- moving more directly to the purpose of this post, please consider the following I have copy pasted from the wonderful collection of imformative threads in the Hanger section:

“Then using an ADS to help the micro-tears that you have caused by hanging to heal in there longest state”

“That’s exactly what I’ve done; hang, then immediately wear an extending device - in my case a traction wrap.”

“P.S. I am gonna make a ADS that is a little more “stealthy”. I know Montys weights work,I am just looking for a little bit more stealth. I am gonna make a ADS out of Theraband (once I find some) I guess I may have to order it off the net.”

—— Montys weights? I’ve searched a bit, couldn’t find how to make an ADS and wat exactly Monys weights were.. Are Montys weights a type of ADS? I don’t exactly know wat ADS stands for aswell (<—-plz include this in ur response if you wouldn’t mind :D ) but I gather ADS is the term used for those devices that seek to streech the penis out for longish periods of time?

Please any how-too, pic assisted, do it urself guide would be great :P
I’m in the process of making the CC3; which just by looking at the design is gonna be amazing (was using this self improvised contraption for lil bit a while back(2 carved sticks and a lot of string LOL). I just wanna complete my set of gear that ill need on this journey to self improvment :D

Sorry if I’m asking for information that was readily avialable on the site XD perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right section, or just not search function profiecent enuff >_<

Thanks a lot^_^/ I’ll make sure not to chat speak from now on too XD

Okie.. Sorry

Here is a compilation of threads related to ADS:

Definitive ADS by Stevie31

and I would also suggest the cream-of-the-crop homemade ADS (;) ), the SuckXtender, as shown here:

The SuckXtender - just remember it sucks!

regards, mgus

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