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Hot water to warm up or hot wrap

Hot water to warm up or hot wrap

To me is much easier using hot water to warm up my penis instead NEWBIE ROUTINE hot wrap, but do not know if it was good and useful? What do you think?

Doesn’t really matter, it’s up to you. They both work fine and have the same results.

Have you heard of the rice sock? Seems to keep the heat better, I haven’t tried this yet. But the hot towel doesn’t seem to stay hot long enough for me.

They were on about wet towel or rice sock in conjunction with a blow dryer to keep it hot in the experimental thread.

I purchased a commercial sold type of “herbal rice sock”. It’s original use is to go over your shoulders around your neck and is “C” shaped. I warm up with it then throw it over my shoulders while stretching. I like to keep it cold in the house so it helps. I love it.

My warm down usually involves a hot shower.

I always soak in water just tolerable. The idea is simply warmth to induce greater blood flow. I like the kiss method (KeepItSimpleStupid). I pre-warm for 3-5 minutes, do my thing, and post warm for then then bathe or shower.

Quick, simple and I’ve had great results. Some people make things way more complex than they need to be. All you need is warm/hot water and your hands. The PE gizmos and gadgets are fun and I use them, but they aren’t needed to see gains.

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