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Help I'm worried

Help I'm worried

I’m a little worried right now my penis looks different after 4 jelq sessions, before I started PE my Penis was the same girth from bottom to glans was the same thickness but as I was about to start my fifth session I Noticed my penis was really thick the first Inch from the bottom then normal in the middle and top.. Is something wrong? Please give me some advice.

Hi jynx, do you have any pain, discoloration, or trouble getting an erection?

PE is supposed to make our penis look different, did you measure to see if you gained an increase in size? It seems 4 jelq sessions is enough to improve EQ to alter how your penis looks, hopefully you are only having a positive benefit.

If the results you’re getting worry you slow down. Whatever you’ve done in the course of four sessions is not permanent. Seeing results after only four sessions is its own kind of good news though. Just do what feels right to you.

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Thanks for the replies guys, I’m not having any pains or discoloration and I have not measured myself yet,, but I noticed I’m getting really hard erections, I thought something was trying to explode down there so I was in a Panic state.

What jelq grip are you using? If your penis is getting so hard it looks like it will explode, I think you should take that as a good PI. Jelqs are indeed supposed to make your erections harder, increase blood flow so that it will keep with your gains. Your penis look thicker, harder, almost exploding? Man, so many other non succesfull PE’ers wanted your luck!

I’m doing the over hand grip I feel most comfortable with it, and I thought most guys who PE get good results?

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