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Worried about ED

Worried about ED

I’m thinking about getting into PE and I have a few concerns. I’m only 19, and I started having sex about a year ago. Shortly after that I think I got prostatitis that went undiagnosed for most of the spring. Near the beginning of summer, I was losing erections while having sex, and was having trouble getting them at all. I went to the doctor and he put me on Cipro. This helped, but I don’t think I’m all better. It’s been 3 months since I stopped taking the Cipro, and the erections are better, but I still urinate much more than I used to before all this.
My erections I think are starting to go bad again, and I don’t get any more nocturnal or morning erections. I’m not overweight and I stay pretty active, although my cholesterol is 190 or so. The erections used to be rock hard, and I used to have them every morning, and they wouldn’t subside for a while. Now, they aren’t as hard when I get them, they don’t last long unless they get attention, and they never happen at night or in the morning.

I’m wondering if anyone else out there my age has this problem?

Also, I’m thinking about starting PE. I’m 6.15 BPEL and 5 EG although, the girth tapers off to a little less on the lower half. I’m hoping to gain 2” length and about an inch in girth, and to fix my baseball bat effect.

I’m wondering what a good plan would be for this, I’ve read the newbie program but if anyone wants to offer a more specific program that’s worked for them if their situation is similar.

Lastly I’m worried that my condition with the ED get any worse. I’m wondering if anyone has gotten ED from PEing and if so, what were the circumstances and what would be the best way to avoid them.

Any advice would be appreciated

I don’t know much about the medical issues you raise. I have no idea what prostatitis does, or what the possible effects of leaving it untreated for a while could have.

It seems to me if you are having troubles of this kind your first goal should be to regain health and function. 1” in girth and 2” in length are significant PE goals. To achieve that you need to take time and go slow. With a healthy penis that could take a couple of years.

When people are experiencing erection problems due to injury the common recommendation is to stop PE and get the penis healthy. As you are having trouble with erections - which at 19 is somewhat unusual, if I were you I would focus on restoring function as the number one priority.

Are you otherwise healthy? Do you exercise enough? A healthy heart and aerobic function is key to strong erections. Think blood flow. Get your cholesterol under control and see a urologist to ask what you can do to improve your penile health.

A very gentle PE routine could help. Kegels, warm-up and massage, much beyond that I would exercise EXTREME caution with: light jelqing could possibly help, but go easy. Very easy; you don’t want to fuck yourself up further.

Do you have pain in that region?
Is it possible that you could have an injury as well?

You really should talk to your doctor, a urologist if possible.

PE can stress your unit out. From the sound of it you’ve already got plenty of stress down there.

Get healthy first - then start thinking about gaining.

What do we think guys?

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