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So I'm sort of worried right now lack of erection

So I'm sort of worried right now lack of erection

I’ve been jelqing for about 2 months so far and have gotten some minuscule girth and length gains (but the gains are still there) so I wanted to get more length so I started hanging.

The thing I’m scared of is that after two tries at hanging my erections have gotten a lot softer, and I’m honestly fearful now that I may have a venous leak or prostatis. I’m not usually a hypochondriac but when it comes to my penis I’m pretty on edge about everything.

What should I do? I’m gonna take a week break and see if my erections get hard again, if they do would that mean that I’m probably in the clear and a normal, healthy person who can PE?

But what if I wait a week and my erections still suck? I’m really worried about this guys I don’t want to suffer from ED for the rest of my life I’m only 19!

I can’t really calm down either so I don’t see how the hell I’m gonna sleep tonight I’m truly freaked out.

What you have is a tired beat up dick, hanging even done right is very stressful on your dick, when I used to hang I always made sure if I planned on having sex not to hang anywhere near that time. Take a week off and when you feel better start again but nice an easy and when you erection quality suffers that’s you dick begging for a rest. So if you want to fuck at night than hang in the morning:) .

Your going to be fine so don’t give yourself a mental problem because those are worse than physical ones.

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Dino I seriously wanna say thank you. Your right that mental is more debilitating than physical. I think I’m gonna take a week break and not masturbate or anything to see how it goes. Hopefully my erections will be fine in a week or so and then I’ll start jelqing and hanging again. I’m just hoping that it really is all in my head and not a mangled penis.

But still I want to know what I should consider doing if in a week it doesn’t get any better? I’m not gonna worry about it until next week I just would like to know. I really wanna keep PEing safely (like I have) but after reading that “WARNING TO ALL NEWBIES” thread it’s gotten me paranoid.

You are only 2 months into the PE game and are already taking a shot at hanging — Id say you are asking for an injury. The general recommendation by the PE vets is 6 months of basic PE to condition your penis before taking on more advanced techniques.

You might be fine in 1 week erection wise, but having sufficient recovery to withstand PE without further injury is a different story. When you come back start slow.

I think your right, I think I’m gonna take a few weeks break from PE, just to make sure I’m all the way recovered. I was just so happy about reading everyone’s gains that I wanted to start PE. When I come back I’ll do my normal routine I suppose and just break myself in “again” in order to start hanging.

Hanging scares the bejeezus out of me.

An all day stretch may be a good way to break in… or hang 1 or 2 lbs… and work slowly up from there.

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