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Help I'm decreasing in size instead of gaining


Help I'm decreasing in size instead of gaining

Man, can anybody help me? I need same advice from you friends. I’m a newbie in this program and I started jelqing since last month. My routine is jelqing alone but I do it twice a day; 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. I don’t do stretching since I always got wounds in my penis whenever I go manual stretching. Well my problem is that before my penis length is 7.5” and 5” girth. Now I don’t understand why instead of gaining length I decreased from 7.5” to 7.3” while in girth I got increased from 5” to 5.2”. What do you think? Do I really need to do manual stretching or should I change routine. I would appreciate if you guys would help me. Thanks.

Don’t over do it !

Starting-> August 14 2007 : BPEL:18cm (7.1") EG:15cm (5.9")

Now-> January 14 2008 : BPEL:19.6cm (7.72") EG:15cm (5.9")

Short Term Goal-> BPEL:20cm (7.9") EG:16cm (6.3") // Long Term Goal-> BPEL:23cm (9.1") EG:18cm (7.1") // Dream Goal-> BPEL:25cm (9.9") EG:20cm (7.9")

What erection level do you jelq at? Also, do you warm up?

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


Classic overtraining signs. Lighten up on your routine.

I agree, sounds like too much to me. Jelqing is a girth exercise which would account for the .2” girth gain. That being said I know that anytime in the last month or so that I’ve over-done it the quality of my erection has suffered.

Maybe you didn’t actually shrink in length, but your not getting as hard. I’d only do like 200 jelq strokes for each work out right now or break it up into 100 in the morning and 100 at night.

And as far as the stretching how hard are you doing it? Where are you gripping? Definitely do a lot of searching and reading for proper techniques.

No warm up no grow up! Got to stretch man!

Here’s the sequence of order:
Warm up
Warm down

Now take a couple of weeks off and start over on the Newbie Routine and be gentle with your dick you only get one in this lifetime!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Fucking Newbies! lol

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

Originally Posted by huff
Fucking Newbies! lol

Hah, is this a hacking/coding forum or something?

Just a curious question. After doing the decon. Period, will the normal size of the penis return? Or is it too late and you’re forced to start over from where you abused Mr. Not-So-Long John?

Are you measuring the same way? A lot of people make the mistake of not measuring right and then notice a great increase or in your case a decrease in length.

Started: 10/1/07 bpel:5.5" nbpel:4.5" eg:5.125" fl:3" fg:4"

Goal: nbpel: 6" eg: 5.5"

Long term goal" nbpel: 9" eg:7"

Guys I'm back Thanks for the reply

Wow! It’s been a almost a month since I posted this and I’m so happy that a lot of you guys replied to my post. It’s so nice to know that a lots of people in this website are willing to help each other with hints and advice. Thanks so much to all the people!!

Regarding my problem, I’m so happy now that I’ve changed my routine. I’m now having my warm up; stretching for about 30-40 repetitions of 30sec hold and then maintained my 30min jelqing twice a day and lo! I didn’t only regained my old self but instead I got a good shot. From 5”girth I shoot up to 5.6” and from 7.5”length I now have 7.8” of dick! Wow! Isn’t it nice guys? Want to hear your comments.

I will hold on to this routine and I will update you guys of my improvements.

Nice girth gains !

You might be measuring wrong?

Started Newbie Routine: October 8 2008

BPEL: 5.91" (15cm)

EG: 4.53" (11.5cm) EG at base: 4.33 (11cm)

Are you measuring BPEL all the time?

Started Newbie Routine: October 8 2008

BPEL: 5.91" (15cm)

EG: 4.53" (11.5cm) EG at base: 4.33 (11cm)

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