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Gains, Size & Perceptions - NOT a size survey


Gains, Size & Perceptions - NOT a size survey

Don’t worry, this is not a size survey/speculation thread, just a look at the differing perceptions that started popping into my head the past few days; coupled with stuff that has filtered through my mind over the years.

One week back into PE, I sat admiring my unit visually before I took some measurements this morning (I decided to workout later in the morning, so this was definitely a pre-workout measurement, and I’m not doing the nightly session anymore). I could tell that it actually looked thicker, but not longer. So, I fully edged and took some measurements. In less than 1 week, I’ve regained about 2.5mm erect midshaft (1/10”). And I could honestly see a difference. It looked puffy, I would say. When I measured my length - which appeared the same to my eyes - I also gained the same amount, to my surprise. A volumetric gain from 21.29 ci to to 22.30 ci (a full cubic inch - in one week). All in all, a damn good week. :)

After noticing these differences, and reading that penis thread from the credit forum, I got to thinking how much girth really affects our visual assessment of “size.” And especially, width (which I lack, having an almost perfectly circular unit).

Men tend to think of everything in a linear way: how tall are you, how much do you bench, how long is that porn star’s cock, I drive 46 miles each way to work, I had to have a 38’ tree removed from my yard, etc. Women actually see a penis in a more honest way than we do. We get so hung up over length, but they know the penis from the business end - they are the ones getting them shoved into their bodies, not us (no offence intended to our gay members). So women more honestly appreciate the value of true size. And as many here have acknowledged - it’s the volumentric value, the amount of displacement. Long & thin spears the cervix (ouch!), but stout spreads em out.

And often it is we who press women on the length of some past lover. In reality, most women don’t really know. They know dress sizes, shoe sizes, the weight of their sister’s newborn, etc. But how many are cock length afficianados? I think very few women have ever actually measured a guy, or watched him measure. Sure, they could narrow it to between 5 and 10 inches, lol, but that’s hardly precise enough for us.

If they are using a particular guy as a reference point, they are either guessing (based on feel - i.e., volume), or they’re repeating the lie he told them. If he was thick & hard, and really gave their box a drubbing, he must be BIG. And, of course, women don’t think 7 length sounds “big” (in fact, he may’ve been 6.5 x 6.2, lol). So, they’re more apt to say, “He was huge!” And if you press them, they’ll toss out any number that sounds appropriately huge - 8, 9, 10 inches, etc.

I don’t deny that some women are cockologists, size queens, etc. They may have measured for themselves. But the reality is that most women will assess the value of a man’s “bigness” based on his girth - especially if he has good width and they visually spied that width beforehand. We men somehow translate that into length - and then get defensive about their claims. But the fact is, girth can be more easily apprehended visually than length - which relies on so many other things (taking in the entire view at the correct distance, the relative size of other body parts - upper leg, his hands, and also the ratio of girth:length, etc.). But a man’s girth can be seen at any point along the unit’s axis - and I immediately perceived my girth gain even before I measured. But the length gain was totally unnoticed by me until the ruler announced it later.

Consider than we have two guys exactly 6 x 5 each; that translates into roughly 11.94 cubic inches. Suppose they embark on PE and the 1st gains no girth, but 0.5” EL, and the second guy gets no length, but gains 0.5” EG. Who is now bigger? They’re certainly not the “same.”

6 x 5 = 11.94
6.5 x 5 = 12.93 (1/2” more L = 8.3% “bigger”)
6 x 5.5 = 14.44 (1/2” more G = 20.9% “bigger”)

So, while they both “gained a 1/2 inch,” they guy who gained his in girth actually experienced a volumetric gain 12.6% greater than the guy who got his 1/2” in length.

While a man would say that the guy 6.5” is “bigger,” a woman who’d been with both would say, Oh, contraire mon ami, I'll be the judge of that.

So, rather than disparage women’s views on size, maybe we should acknowledge that they actually have a better understanding of the value of various sizes. Because they’re not looking at a penis as a yardstick but as a beef cylinder that gets stuffed into their bodies.

By the way, I still think the “big boys” are out there. But there’s no need to get so defensive, paranoid, or frazzled when a woman is talking about the “size” of a former flame. She’s most likely thinking about the “feel” - the girth & the hardness. If he had extreme length, it would’ve probably caused her pain. Just get to work on girth! :) And do lots of kegels so you stay hard as a rock - then you’ll be the “big boy” she might end up talking about.

I agree wholeheartedly, women don’t know numbers but they do seem to know small from medium from large in terms of the way it feels inside them. Now, if only I could find a way to get my girth growing again.

Previously known as Gandolf - *

* Hot wraps.

* Dry jelqs - slow (3-4 sec), firm, full stroke @ 75-85% wood levels

* Every other day (don’t overwork; girth != length).

* You could try mild post-workout clamping (don’t do a most muscular crunch while shoving the clamp an extra few clicks, lol) - just tighten the clamp a little more than you could achieve with a Thera-P wrap to prolong the engorgement; don’t make clamping a workout unto itself.

* Keep proper hydration

* Avoid vasocontrictors (caffeine, nicotene, etc.)

Nice thread, wad. Mrz G is always telling me she can’t really feel length only girth. I’ve tossed my ruler. I have become convinced that total volume is what we are after.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Certainly I think that girth is far more important than length.

I’ll keep doing some stretches, but I know that the most important part of PE is and should be girth. Girth brings pleasure, length brings a lovely visual effect.

Great thread.

Women don’t know how to evaluate the length of an object. I’ve heard from female friends about their “12 inch partner’s penis” and how it looked as long as a previous partner. I just laugh at them and explain that being with 2 guys with a 12 inch penis is an extremely rare possibility. I prooved them they don’t know how to evaluate the length of a penis. Something about 8-9 inches long, they’ll say it is 10-11 inches long (or even more)… and so on. I’ve had a girl telling me my penis should be about 20-22 cm long (that is 8-9 inches)… it’s “only” about 16,5 cm BPEL.

Great Post.

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

It’s men that pull out the ruler, women just know how it feels. In most cases women will take length over girth, who likes getting a colonoscopy? Remember, the owner of the penis has the worst view of it because foreshadowing makes it look smaller. So yeah, PE gains are more about a mans self-confidence than for a woman.

I agree with the “girth is king” argument up to a point. Chunky is right, a thick cock does bring pleasure to the woman’s pussy & a long one brings pleasure to the woman’s eyes. But I don’t think that women only judge a cock’s size by how it feels inside her body. We humans are very visual & I think that it’s also the overall relationship between length & width that women use as a guide to how big a cock is, regardless of how it feels inside her body. Our eyes are very easily deceived. If a cock is say 7”x5” nbp, it will “look” much larger than a 6”x5” nbp cock. Even though the 7” cock is only 1” longer than the other cock, the eye will be fooled into thinking that it is more than 1” longer, because the width of both cocks are the same.

An example of how the eyes can be fooled, was posted by another member here. Mustang67 posted a message saying that he wants a cock like the guy on the MILFHunter website. Mustang67’s stats show that he has a 7.75” nbp cock. I checked out several of the MILFHunter flics & in every one that I saw, the women had no trouble getting their hand completely around the guys cock. This suggests, in my opinion, no more than 5.25” girth, even if the women have rather large hands. I took the time to put a ruler to the screen of some of the MILFHunter’s flics (Yes, I had nothing better to do. Sad.. :) ) & If his girth is no more than 5.25” & I think that it isn’t, then he’s definitely not longer than 7.75” nbp. His cock just seems longer, because his girth is very average. In fact, I would be very surprised if the MILFHunter guy is over 7.25”x5.25” nbp.(Still a very respectable size.) To be honest, I’m not even sure if the MILFHunter guy has quite 5” of girth, so his length may not even be 7” nbp. So, you see, it’s not just women who have trouble judging the size of a guys cock, guys have trouble with this as well. Although, guys generally do a better job at this than women. Men typically have better visual-spatial skills than women, but women definitely kick our asses verbally. When’s the last time you won an argument with a woman? Hmmm? :) They are not only good at using their words carefully, but they are also good at using your own words against you. But, on the bright side, we can take down a Bison at 20 yards. O.K. , Maybe not. :)

But anyway, I think that it’s important “visually” to have a proper balance between length & width. I was blessed?/cursed? With copious girth & even though my cock is over 7.5” bp, it looks “stubby” because my girth almost equals the bp length midshaft & is larger at the base. I got a visual example of how much of a difference a more “balanced” girth makes, by accident, last week. I started hanging again on the 8th, with more weight this time, trying to get more length. I decided to wrap my cock tightly with an ace bandage after a hanging session to get rid of that puffy donut effect that you get hanging heavy weights. While wrapped, I was walking past a full-length mirror in my bedroom & while glancing in the mirror, I was stunned to see how much more impressive my cock looked while wrapped. It looked much longer than normal, because while wrapped, my girth was probably around 1” less than normal. It’s hard to believe how much of a visual difference can be had with only 1” less girth. This brought my girth into a better overall balance with my length & made a dramatic difference IMHO. I know that a lot of guys here want large girth & probably wonder why I would want less girth. But when I look in the mirror it just doesn’t look that impressive, it looks well.. "Stubby”. Let’s use this as an example:

Bob 6’5” 250lbs. Long, lean & muscular.
John 5’5” 250 lbs. Short, fat & dumpy.

Which of the two men do you think is more visually impressive to women? “I rest my case”, he says, while stepping down from his high horse. :)

To get the proper balance & I think this is very important for a good visual presentation, I believe that I need between 8.5”-9” bp. If I can get to 8.5” bp I’ll be pretty happy with that, but I believe that 9” will be optimal for a more balanced looking cock. Wish me luck on my quest.

I found the picture that I took last week, of my cock while wrapped & I thought that I would post it to emphasize my point of how things look better when they’re in balance. With my girth more in balance with the length, it looks longer than 6.75” bp. If you didn’t already know what my cock’s length was, what length would you say that it was? By the way, does anyone here know of a way to shave pubes without them itching? :Confused: I would like a more neatly trimmed pubic area, but it bothers me to shave it. I know that some people here pluck pubic hairs from their shaft, but I have too many to pluck & it would take too long & probably hurt like hell to tweeze all of the little buggers. I tried a hair remover & I ended up with VERY irritated skin ;( Any suggestions?

EDIT: Pic post moved to Members Pics forum with title “My Cock Wrapped.

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Hi Drilla,
Thanks. I just started hanging again on the 8th with 20 lbs. I’ll measure again on the 8th of August & see if I have gained any. I’m encouraged by the feeling that I’m getting with the increased weight. I believe that it may be working now that I have enough weight resistance. I’m using my Captain’s Wench as an ADS after hanging, while sleeping & whenever I can find the time. It can be a little irritating on the skin, though. I’ve been looking at the Hanger/Stretcher that TPS has made & if I don’t see results with my Wench & if it gets too irritating on my skin, I may order one. I’ve bought so much stuff to lengthen the willy that I’m going to be more selective in any future PE purchases that I make. :D But, so far, I’ve heard good things about it. Also, I’m kind of a newbie to this whole forum thing & when I tried to reply to your post I inadvertently started another thread. (: Oops..

Originally Posted by drilla9
Good luck thickone.:)

I agree with thickone2004. A balance is very much needed, otherwise it’ll just look shorter then it really is.

I’ll say a 1:1.33 is probably the best (that is Girth:Length), maybe 1:1.5.

Just my two agurot.

Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that's why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

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I agree with Wad’s assessment. The volume gained from an increased girth measurement overshadows a corresponding increase in length. Since starting PE, I’ve managed to gain 0.875” EL and 0.75” EG. While I can tell that it’s a bit longer, the increase in girth is far more noticeable and impressive. Having girth like RWG, Dino or Phat9, must be amazing!

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

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