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Head/glans exercises

Head/glans exercises

Is there such a thing for enlarging the glans of the penis? I did a search or two about it but couldn’t find much. If there is such a thing for enlarging the glans could you please tell me how or direct me with a link perhaps? Your help is always appreciated.

I also searched and could not find much info. My ‘head’ has a good shape but it is the same size as my shaft. I want a bigger one!

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

I believe that U;i’s are good for increasing head size. Though it should be done with caution and only if you have some PE experience due to the stress it can cause. It could do some serious damage to those who do not know what they are doing yet.

I meant Uli’s…sorry

I don’t really like my heads shape much either, but I highly doubt I could change that by doing PE.

I have done Ulis as well as jelqs and noticed my head expand but those are also for length and girth. What I’m asking is specifically for the head if there is such an exercises. If not, then I suppose Ulis and jelqs will suffice.

I haven’t run across any exercises just for the glans. Doesn’t mean they aren’t there, but I’ve doe a lot of reading since joining..


Anyone tried this?

Get 10-30% erect. Then grab your penis OK an inch or so below the glans firmly. Push it up until OK grip stops just bellow to the glans and glans is fully engorged by the blood. Then with the other hand press on the glans or even bend it a bit in different directions while pressing, but not too hard. This works only on glans. I have not much experience with it as I am quite new to PE and still not conditioned well enough for squeeze and press exercises.

Doing Sadsak’s head exercise, and also just targeting the head while doing Ulis will expand head size.

Here, read up:
Uli’s Routine
Sadsak’s Head Exercise - Repost from old Big Penis Forum

Doing ulis just below the head while being cable clamped around the base really hits the head. If you don’t have a cable clamp, just tightly OK grip around the base when you’re sportin’ a 60% to full erection, then take your other hand and do another OK grip very firmly just below the glans. Just be very careful when you’re squeezing a fully erect dick. That’s when veins can get injured if you’re not careful and well conditioned.

Great links! Thanks Ike. I know I didn’t start this thread, but I say thank you anyway because I know they will be helpful to me very soon.


Agreed. Jeldingmaster and Ike you are my saviors. I appreciate the help and will try all of the above exercises to see which I like best/is most effective.


try clamping

I find that tensing the PC muscle while jelqing REALLY makes my head fill up with blood and it gets huge, or if your lucky enough get a girl to grab the base of your penis and suck just the head, you will see a change then!

Heh. Thanks for the tips guys I appreciate it.

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