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Harder erections

Harder erections

Hello all,

I have question for those of you with a good bit of PE experience. While I think I have firm hand on the basics of PE (no pun intended) with regard to length and girth gains, I still have some “hardness” concerns. I am in my early 40s and naturally I don’t get unassisted erections like I did at 17, but who does? I have experienced good results with Viagra and very good results with Cialis. I also talk some supplements such as L-Arginine which seem to also make things better. However, no matter what I do I can only seem to get those 97% erections. I miss that “so hard it almost hurts” feeling. My question is about Kegels. I know they are good for control and orgasm intensity, but do they really help you get a harder erection? If anyone has experience and success with this, please give me an idea as to a kegel routine that would be of benefit.



Definitely do kegels, I’m not sure if they will get you that 100% you’re looking for but it will help to get closer. Try doing reverse kegels straight into regular kegels, I started doing this about a week ago and the wood is harder than ever. You can do kegels all day if you want, I do them along with my routine so I don’t have to remember to do them all day. Hope that helps out.

Kegels have absolutely helped me in regards to stiffer erections and the morning woodys sure are welcome also. I feel like a little kid most of the time getting out of bed.

I’m a right-wing conservative about kegels. I feel they are so easy that if you aren’t doing them then you aren’t doing proper NPE.

Reverse kegel

Thanks for the input/feedback. One question - what exactly is a reverse kegel? Push instead of contract?


Yes. Reverse kegel is what you do to piss. The hardest thing about doing kegels is simply remembering to do them.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Yes. Reverse kegel is what you do to piss. The hardest thing about doing kegels is simply remembering to do them.

Hi Girtha,

How exactly would you do a reverse, I’m confused?
Isn’t that just pushing the muscles near the bladder to contract it, no actual muscles in the penis or near it?

Sorry my first post has to be skeptical :) but yeah I’m sitting here thinking what the heck - and pushing hoping I don’t piss myself trying to work this out.

- Inches.

Light pumping can do the trick too. I got my morning so-hard-that-it-hurts woods back thanks to pumping.

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