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Most Efficient Way to Get Harder Erections?

Most Efficient Way to Get Harder Erections?

I am 21 so this shouldn’t be a problem, but often I feel like I am not fully hard. Any ideas?

More kegels?

The reason that I ask is because I usually do a routine of basic hanging and then some cable clamping, and for some reason if I don’t cable clamp that day when my girlfriend is giving me head, etc. My shaft feels extremely thin, and not fully hard, etc. I am not sure what the problem is. I mean I am young, there is NO reason I should have weak erections, is there?

Originally Posted by WBH
The reason that I ask is because I usually do a routine of basic hanging and then some cable clamping, and for some reason if I don’t cable clamp that day when my girlfriend is giving me head, etc.


I was cable clamping straight for 3 weeks, sometimes with 2 and 3 clamps. I too started to notice that erections were not as stiff. I believe in another thread this was mentioned. I also did some research. It seemed like the tunica was getting broken down and turning to a gelatin state. I took some time off. Started back up with clamping and jelqing, and things got back to normal if not harder. I believe it is fatigue and a breakdown of the tunica to a gelatin like state if I’m not mistaken.

The size you gain, however small it is, needs to readjust. So, you can be hard as ever, but not feel the same for awhile due to a larger shaft. The pressure of the erection was easier to feel for me with less shaft length and width to deal with, even if it was 1/16 or so of a difference after clamping.

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Were you having this problem before you adopted this routine or did it start after?




Wow, I noticed this exactly and thought it was my imagination

With the basics jelqs kegals and stretches I noticed harder erections
Then this weekend I went nuts clamping all day and also noticed a small declind in erection quality

Anyone else ?


I know from the past that you tend to do aggressive PE. Maybe that has changed to a degree, but when erection quality starts to decline I think it is a sure sign you are going overboard. So I think the fastest way for you to restore your erection quality is to back off on the intensity a little more.

I chatted with Bib via PM several dozen months back. Anyhow he said he experienced erectile disfunction from the crazy hanging routine he did. He said that he would have a problem every so often but never to complete failure. Think of it like a car battery starting in the winter, pretty weak but eventually it would kick over.

Now, take that information and combine it with a kid doing off clamping shit and has an oversexed girlfriend. Throw in a smidgen of anxiety of trying to keep up with her and make it amazing and you have what you are suffering from most likely.

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Hmmm, interesting TT. :)

I am going to take some time off of Cable Clamping and stick strictly to hanging—-because I know that hanging never affected my erection quality, that’s for sure.

I am definitely harder since I started doing stretches, jelqs and kegels. I sneak in some squeezes when I wake up with Mr. woody. Never done clamping or hanging. I am going to focus on length for now.

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