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harder erections!!


harder erections!!


I need help. What are your experiences with PEing and erection strength? I’d like to know which exercises promote stronger erections. All comments appreciated!


I started jelqing for the purpose of strengthening my erections. I took measurements just in case but wasn’t really expecting any enlargement. Be aware for several hours post jelqing your unit may be wore out and erections even weaker temporarily - this is normal. Best to separate your workouts with attempted sex by several hours. The older you are and the more trouble you have with it the longer your rest should be. after about 8 weeks of jelqing my dick was 1” longer and 1/4” bigger in girth and my erections were back to what they were like in my 20’s. Look up posts by Avocet8.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’d also suggest Kegel exercises, or specifically weighted Kegels.

For example, put a wet washcloth over the end of your erection and try to lift it up and down with your PC muscle. I do 30 or 40 of these at one or two second intervals whenever I have a boner in the shower, and I also try to hold it up for as long as I can, like 30 seconds to a minute.

I also have little one pound cloth covered wrist weights I lift, but you can use anything that you can comfortably drape over the end of your dick. Start with low weight and work up to more as you get stronger and more in tune with your muscles. Like any weight training, it’s best to get your technique right before you add more weight.

If your erection subsides, put a finger under your cock right at the base of the shaft as a sort of “spotter” and continue kegeling. Move your finger to different positions up and down the underside of your penis and you’ll feel it working your dick lifting muscle in slightly different ways.

I’ve been doing these kind of “dick ups” for a few years and I think it’s helped me have stronger, thicker erections. I can still get the high angle hard ons I used to get when I was a teenager (I’m 43).

Once you get good at it you can pump your cock while you’re inside a woman and see her smile when she realizes what you’re up to…and she’ll probably reciprocate with a little pumping of her own.

Luvdadus and I both got into PE with an eye on erection quality rather than on any other factor. Never mind that we got carried away with the size thing which became pure icing on our, by then, hard cakes.

The exercises talked about in the forums here are not all for newbies; I see you are a newbie so read carefully and don’t take on one which stresses you overly or causes damage. As others have often said, “Learn to feel and read your dick.”

My own thinking on erection benefit and PE is that it is all about vascular development. By doing exercises regularly and sensibly, you will gradually increase your arterial and venous capacities for delivering oxygenated blood and removing oxygen-depleted blood. You may even see a visible change in your penile vein structure. You will likely experience more frequent erections while sleeping or find them more often on waking. These are extremely healthy events.

If you are now having erection difficulties, I urge you to get that checked out and to get yourself on some medication program that will keep you up and happy during sex while you perform the manual exercises that may even make these medications unnecessary for you in the future. Getting help is such an easy and unembarassing process nowadays as compared to just a few years ago.

Luvdadus, btw, has had all kinds of sexual successes. I say read _his_ posts. Reading him has taught me some great tricks.



PC exercises work , give em a try

I started PE’ing about two months ago. However, the first month, I got really sore and had to take off a couple weeks or so in between. Been going with the newbie routine since about the middle of January. Started with 1 on/1 off and now doing 2 on/1 off. My erections during that time were off and on.

About two weeks ago I was whacking it in the shower and I came without getting close to a full erection. Really freaked me out. I’m not the biggest guy out there (5.5 EBP at start of PE; now 5 7/8) but my wife had always commented about how hard I would get, and so I didn’t want to lose that. I wasn’t sore or anything, no bruising or discoloration, so I just stuck with my routine.

This past week my erections came back with a vengence. I’m now back to my 1 o’clock erections in the morning. I guess my little guy was just tired from the initial PE’ing.

When I first started PE, I got incredibly hard erections almost immediately.

At that point, my routine was light manual stretches for warmup and then 20 minutes of slow, hard jelqing.


I wish all newbies that encountered the temporary weak erection scenario would react the way you did. They commonly write that they were quitting pe because they got ED from doing it and they were SURE that the problem wasn’t in any way psychological. All that hysterical hypervigilant stuff, causing me to write the same thing over and over again. Good luck with continued gains.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Avocet8 you sir are a role model for all of us here especially for men of our age group. Like you I started PE with the goal of getting my penis in shape as I started a workout program to work the rest of my body. Approaching my mid 50’s I must saying doing both has been great. At already 7” BPEL & 5.25 girth when I started gains in those areas wasn’t a priority although after gaining a 1/2 inch in length & a 1/4 in girth putting me at 7.5 & 5.5 I now seek your impressive results of 8.25 .

As for the question at hand of hardness of erections since doing PE I have the attained the erectile hardness of my youth & then some. I will explain several things that give me erections of this quality. First my PE routine which I have posted on the size charts. After my first set of 300 jelqs at 50 60 % I move to 300 at 80 to 90 %. Once finished these I apply some more lube & work my penis to full erection. Then I start my fling routine were I fling my penis from side to side & then bend it down & release doing this for about 20 reps or so. This produces a super rock hard erection which I have as we speak. I’m wondering if any one else uses this method. From this I proceed to massage my penis or continue to masturbate to climax. Another thing I practice is what I call a night move where when I awake in the middle of the night I lay in bed & get erection & hold up my waistband of my underwear as a target & do 100 kegels getting my penis to touch the waistband each time. This also produces a super erection & a fast workout.

In closing I would have to say that our penises aren’t getting older just better. PE has also enhanced my sex life with my wife having some of the best sessions ever. We plan to get together for sex after coming home from the spa later today. It all comes down to the use it or lose it phrase. Before I started PE my erections & sex life were suffering to say the least. Now I make it a priority to enjoy my penis & keep it functioning at it’s highest level. To everyone here all the best & look forward to any comments.


Since my last post I just finished my jelq routine & the result was

a super rock hard erection.

How it turned out!!!

To see how my sex encounter with my wife turned out see reply in Main Member Forum “serious question”.

Hypo8 wrote: “As for the question at hand of hardness of erections since doing PE I have the attained the erectile hardness of my youth & then some.”

I’m with you on that score, Hypo.

There is this stupid notion out there that aging by necessity has to bring with it diminished erectile capacity. This is often true, for guys who just accept this foolishness laying down. They give into it and give up.

Instead, if they worked on their dicks (“Use it or Lose it”), learned about how erections occur and why they don’t, and built up their penile vascular systems again through pumping and/or exercise they’d be happily back in the saddle again. Reading your report and knowing what happens for me now, I don’t doubt that you and I and some other older guys here are probably performing better than some of the younger ones.

Mrbigstick: Get on a program. Read what these guys are telling you, do your exercises sensibly and _regularly_. You are bound to see improvement that may surprise you. If you think you have erectile dysfunction, read the threads on that in the Mens’ Sexual Health Forum. There are links for help.

Hypo, the other guys, and I will talk you through it if you get stuck on something or don’t understand.



Hard to 100 & Beyond

Great post there my friend. I think we will plan on being big & hard to 100 & beyond. We’ll give these young guns a run for their money!!

I remember reading in Brandon Reece’s guide that one of main causes of impotence with age is that your penis simply gets out of shape.

Would you guys agree with this? I think there’s definitely a few who would.

I have heard that patients with ED are sometimes instructed to do kegels, and even being a young man, jelqing has given me harder erections. Makes me wonder if we can avoid impotence by exercising our dicks for life.

Of course that thesis would be the exact opposite of the mainstream belief that PE causes impotence. Of course, even if it was proven, I’m sure the folks at Pfizer would throw enough money at the doctors to downplay the benefits.

Originally posted by Insane_Man
I have heard that patients with ED are sometimes instructed to do kegels, and even being a young man, jelqing has given me harder erections. Makes me wonder if we can avoid impotence by exercising our dicks for life.

Of course that thesis would be the exact opposite of the mainstream belief that PE causes impotence….

Not only Kegels. But, heresy of heresies, prominent urologists all over the US are now recommending vacuum pumping to ED patients, without hesitation.

Any PE exercise, sensibly done, promotes penile vascular repair and development.

It’s easy to see why PE has had such a bad rap, though, and pumping in particular. Guys get too enthusiastic with their workouts. They think that if moderate hand or pump pressure is good, more must be much better, and they damage tissue. What caused the resultant temporary ED? PE did, of course.

I am impressed with Thunder’s for a lot of reasons but mostly because all the vets here are constantly pushing newbies to go easy. Yes, pulling on or manipulating your dick can feel pretty good, but two things are almost guaranteed to get you into trouble: too long a workout for the present conditioning of your dick tissues and workouts that go to pain.

PE is a lot of work, but it is supposed to be fun. Make it so.

Your sex life will be more fulfilling and odds are in your favor that you will end up with a larger sex tool than you have today.



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