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Getting harder erections.

Getting harder erections.


You have heard the claims of brands like VigRx EnerX Viagra and PotentMan Hornygoat weed L Argine and the likes . Well these supplements claim that they can help you with harder erections, more stamina, and more density in cum. I don’t know which of these supplements actually supports theur claims. I would like to try one of them. Well actually I would like to try one of them that would help me get a harder erection.

I’ve been gaining some lengths and some girth I just did a rough measurement a while ago and noticed a .3” growth in length and .2” in girth. But it seems like I’m headed in a road where my penis would gain significant length but could back fire in the hardnes or softness of the erection. In my case I’m noticing a length gains but in due time shrinks because I can’t get it to erect harder. I am habving a hard time maiintain the erection to get the maximum length. I am just wondering if there is a supplement or a work out designed for getting harder and long duration erections and controlled once too.

I started one Month ago with PE, and about 1 Week later with VIGRX.

Yes I have seen some nice gains too. (See my Signature)

And I must say that when I am really hot, then my Erection is one Stiff Rock!!!
DonĀ“t know, if that is because of VIGRX, or the Training.

Anyone else with some experience?


Try plain l-arginine, three or more grams per day on an empty stomach. It’s cheaper than the “brand” names and is the main ingredient in most of them.

Does it help a lot? I thought l argine is for making more cum? Does it actually help in erection?

I’ve tried l-arginine and found that after a month you get larger cum. The hardness of the erection was still lacking. I finally put this down to my unit needing a few days rest. This helped some, however wasn’t staying hard. I then started to ease of the coffee, limit the alcohol and increased the water to around 15 - 20 glasses per day. Now, I seem to be getting harder. Oh, one other thing, my girth work seemed to really tax the hardness, so again, I reduced the workout for girth to every other day and increased the jelq. It’s about balance.

Also try some ginko as it’s suppose to increase circulation to that region.

The coffee and alcohol would both limit the effectiveness of the arginine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor which limits blood flow. Alcohol causes water loss which would probably decrease your blood volume, not to mention lowering testosterone levels.

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Originally Posted by ju5taman

Does it help a lot? I thought l argine is for making more cum? Does it actually help in erection?

That’s a side benefit. L-arginine is the amino acid that is needed to make nitric oxide (NO) which is what opens the blood vessels and allows you to get hard. If more l-arginine is available, it’s easier for the NO to be produced. Many find it helpful.

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