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Hanging While Pumping

Hanging While Pumping

I’ve been pumping off and on for several years. Recently, I decided to try hanging. It occurred to me that a very effective way to do this would be to simply attach weights to my pump cylinder. Basically, what I did was to attach attach a short, small cylinder to the outside of the pump cylinder, using sturdy packing tape. I then ran a wire through the small cylinder and attached hooks to either end of the wire. I bought several weight plates—just like the ones you see at the gym—with holes in the center. I then pass one of the hooks through the hole in the plate, and attach it to the other hook in order to add weight to the pump cylinder. (Sorry if this is hard to visualize.) In the morning I jelq for about 5-10 minutes till my penis is fairly plump. I put it in the cylinder and pump, then attach the weights to the cylinder. Opinions differ on the effectiveness of pumping as such for PE, but the advantage of what I’m doing is that if the vacuum is sufficient, the cylinder and attached weights WILL NOT slip off my penis. One of the difficulties with regular hanging is that it is very hard to find a good way to attach the contraption to your penis.

I’ve found a few references to something like what I’m doing on Thunder’s Place (one thread on pumping and hanging), but not much.

Has anyone else tried this? I’ve only been doing it for a few days, so I cannot report on results. All I can say so far is that the cylinder and weights stay on securely, and it certainly feels like I’m getting a good stretch.

Unless you are packing the tube, you are pretty much just hanging off of your fat pad.

There are a few vacuum hanging devices out there, but the question is, how effective are they?

I think overall, it is best to pump if you want to pump and hang if you want to hang.

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Well, I’m a little unsure of your meaning.

Do you mean packing the tube with penis, or with weights? (And if weights, what difference does it make if they’re in the tube or hanging from the outside?).

As to “hanging off your fat pad,” I don’t quite know what you mean. If the device is pulling the penis down, it stands to reason it’s stretching the ligaments.

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