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Pumping and hanging

Pumping and hanging

Some people say you should hang, then pump, but I was thinking, if you hang after you pump, that is when your penis is a lot bigger, and since it is bigger, there would be more to strech nad you could hang more weight, and you might see morepermant results from pumping, what do you think?

I haven´t tried pumping but my short answer is that I don´t think that is a good idea, not when your dick is pumped up with fluids.

But, get a cockring or the velcro wrap and stay engorged after pumping, or maybe some tension wrapping. That´s as far as I would go. Of course you can combine stretching, hanging, jelqing and pumping, just mix them right.

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Whats the difference

What is the differce between streching, hanging and jelqing, it all seems the same?

Hang, then pump to cement the stretch, then velcro strap or cock ring to keep the pump.

IMHO, not good to pump and then hang. Would be really hard to get a good hanging grip, with all the fluid left in your dick after pumping.

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Re: Whats the difference

Originally posted by greekmartini
What is the differce between streching, hanging and jelqing, it all seems the same?

Stretching usally means manual stretching, where you pull your flaccid dick outwards from the body in different directions for a period of time, release and pull again, and keep doing that for 5-10 minutes. This is an active exercise.

Hanging means attach weights to your dick by some mean, preferably with some device like the BiB-hanger, and let them hang for a period of time, release and repeat. This is an passive exercise.

Jelqing means forming an O around the base of your dick with your thumb and forefinger, apply preassure and move towards the head of the dick, moving the blood outwards. Always outwards and NOT in both directions. This is preferably done with semi erection. This is an active exercise.

Stretching and haning works on mainly the ligs where jelqing works on expanding the cc (don´t make me spell that, the penis “body”) and the bloodflow.

Pumping should work part as a stretcher and part as jelq, since it applies a pull to the penis and also forces more blood into it.

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