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Hanging question

Hanging question

Does hanging affect the strength of an erect penis? I mean I want a bigger dick but if it has any negative affects to the strength and hardness to an erect penis than I don’t want to try it.

Sorry, just a noob question.

It should not

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I have always had rock-hard erections (not unusual for a guy in his early 20s), and hanging did not change that. When I am in a heavy hanging period, curiously, I do notice a big difference in my flaccid penis: it tends to hang in a very plump, almost semi-erect state. I don’t think this is a common result — if one were looking for flaccid gains, something like jelqing or pumping would probably work better.

hm7 -

A temporarily weaker erection quality is not unheard of, especially for guys with intense routines, but I’ve never heard of anyone suffering a permanent loss of strength from hanging.

Oh, yes, Captn is right: You may have brief periods of weaker erection following hanging. I just meant your general penile state, once it’s recovered from the immediate trauma.

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