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Hi guys,

This is a great forum and I’m excited about starting PE. The one thing I’m having trouble figuring out is exactly how I should plan out my progress and workout schedule over the coming months / years.

I’ve started with the newbie routine and have been doing alright with that. I read that I should do that for around 6 weeks. What is the natural progression after that 6 week period? Will the routine lose its effectiveness after that time?

Also, a couple of other questions I was hoping you guys could help me with:

1. Stretching - I noticed my grip tends to slip a little bit. What are some good ways to maintain a solid grip? How much pain is too much? Sometimes I’m worried I’m pinching too hard.

2. Jelqing - has anyone used a jelq device? Is it more effective than regular hand jelqing? Homemade Power Jelq, a Jelq Device

3. How can I work on base girth? My girth expands as it gets closer to the head.

4. Devices - what’s he deal with hanging / clamping / etc? What are some worthwhile devices I could get that you guys like?

5. Cementing gains - will there come a time when I can keep the stretching and jelqing minimally and still keep my gains, or will I need to keep up the 30 minute routine to keep what I’ve gained?


Welcome to the forum.

If the newbie routine is working for you keep doing it. Maybe consider increasing the number of repetitions, sets, etc, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

1. Stretching. Some guys use baby powder or a piece of tissue to get a better grip. ANY pain is too much. PE should NEVER hurt.

2. Jelqing. Just use your hands. I don’t recall hearing about anyone who really felt they made better gains with a device than with using their hands.

3. 4. Some guys have experienced base girth gains with hanging. Lots of us have had good success with clamping. That being said, Stick with the newbie routine and do a lot more reading before considering doing the more advanced exercises like hanging and clamping.

5. Yes. A lot of veterans just do a few minutes of maintenance exercises to keep their gains. You’ll not have to do a full routine every day unless you want to.

Good luck on your PE journey.

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Originally Posted by thisguy123

2. Jelqing - has anyone used a jelq device? Is it more effective than regular hand jelqing? Homemade Power Jelq, a Jelq Device


I have made the jelq device described here, and in my opinion it works, for me, better than my hands. I use olive oil for lube, and (other than hard to clean off) works really well.. :)

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