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Need guidance

Need guidance

I have a question and will be thankful for help or guidance
I started PE 6 months back and thankful to you guys that I improved a lot after that. I was under 6 but now well over 6 and get better in both length in width. I just got married 3 weeks back. Although overall I feel OK but got only one problem.
1. During foreplay after 10 to 15 minutes if my pen.. Touch her body few times constantly or got rubbed few times I feel that I am going to blow up or cumming. When this happens I started to kegels which helped me but this make be afraid some times annoying because I can not concentrate. Please tell me how can I prevent my self from this.
2. Can I continue PE after marriage
3. During sex my pen.. Really got rock hard .why.. Can I make it relax. Even during foreplay..

I will be thankful for the answers.


One, we are all adults here you do not have to bleep out the word PENIS. Secondly,you can and should do some form of PE while you are married, if anything it will keep your PENIS healthy. Keep kegeling and maybe you should try edging also. Now that you are married once you start having sex more you will build up tolerance.

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You were a virgin before that werent you?

Thats the whole deal. When you have sex first time you just can’t stop those things from comming .. Just fuck her alot and ull get used to it and it will subside

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Thanks for the reply.

Yep.. I was a virgin. Yes I felt that myself my first one was completely a blast but feeling better now. OK I will Carry on PE for sure. Does edging means the start and stop activity. If yes then it’s really great because I already had tried that.Really Amazing.:) . One of my question is still there how can I get rid of the thinking of se. Before starting it. Because my pen.. Just erre.. Like ROCK. Any Tips on that.

Sorry for using .. It’s just because sitting in an IT company where every fuc.. Word is monitored. Just to take care.


I don’t understand your problem. Don’t you want a ROCK hard erection for sex?? I know I do, that’s why I’m here. :)

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I am sorry for this misunderstanding. The problem is Just before starting foreplay my pen.. Really become rock hard. But during sex it’s not all that hard. I need help about how to keep myself calm during foreplay and really hard thing come out at the right time. Is it possible.


Yes it is. When I started having sex with my gf it was the same over here. The one thing that makes the world (and your performance) go round is just some experience. As you get to know your partner’s body better and, well let’s say, get used to sex, you will have a somewhat cooler look on things (“abgebrueht” as we say in Germany :D ). Isn’t meant to be sex less interesting, hell no. It’s just learning bit by bit.

Oh, and do not forget about these kegels. They’re very effective as far as the strength of your erections is concerned.

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Yes jerry_yasir, it’s probably just an experience thing. I had the same thing happen to me recently (probably due to too many scotches!) and it’s a bummer. Relax and don’t think about it and let nature take it’s course.

Jerry - You are thinking about it too much.

Great sex is spontaneous.

Sounds to me that initially you were worried about cumming too fast so kegelled to slow down - I think this is part of the problem. It made what was an act of spontaneous lust into some sort of a performance and now you are getting performance anxiety.

My advice is the next time you fuck aim to shoot your load as early as possible enjoy it for yourself and be selfish!!! - You have a lifetime to please your partner.

Chances are within a few minutes you’ll be ready for round 2 anyway.

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Thanks Guyz

Ufffff.. Feeling much better now. You are right. I perhaps started to think more about the stuff even more than before. But now after reading your replies I understand that this is part of my learning process in love making.
Jordon you are right. It had happens to me few times in near past. I really exploded in the first round but second round was amazing, I feel rock hardness and enjoyed for really long time. I really enjoyed these nights with 2 rounds :) .

Thanks to every one for their advices and replies.



Rock hard that’s what it do.

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