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Grip consistency for wet jelq, turtleneck

Grip consistency for wet jelq, turtleneck

Hi, newbie here. I’ve been searching around the forums but I’m still not sure I got it quite right:

According to the wet jelq manuals the grip needs to be consistent throughout the stroke. However, it seems to me that this way less pressure is applied to the base (when the stroke is starting) and more pressure is applied to the head — thus leading to a baseball shape; I’d prefer a “standard” shape.

I was wondering if it wouldn’t make sense to somewhat decrease the grip strength (increase diameter) slightly as you reach the end of the stroke in order to equalize pressure and avoid the baseball bat shape.

Another question I had:

I’ve read about the turtle neck effect. If I understand correctly this means this skin will be thicker at the base of the penis which is exposed to more stretching (for uncircumcised people). It seems to me that this should not be a problem if you’re using a good lubricant. Would any uncircumcised people care to comment?


Turkey neck is the name and it means that you get some loose hanging skin under the penis shaft.

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