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New Jelq Grip

New Jelq Grip

Hey my first post.. what an occasion!

Anyway, I’ve been lurking for many many months now and have had pretty good success with manual stretches and jelqing. One thing I find though is that my hand gets tired pretty quickly so I’ve found a new grip that allows me to push more blood into my head and keeps my hand from cramping up.

I looked around for another post about this but didn’t see anything so I hope I’m not repeating something everyone knows already.

Basically instead of making the OK sign with your hands and squeezing that way, I’m wraping my fingers up tightly (like a fist) and using the knuckle of my index finger to slide along the bottom of my shaft while I use my thumb along the top. This lets me apply more pressure without cramping my hand up.

I’m attaching a picture to illustrate the difference.


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two really nice pictures quigley!

Restarting everything.

Awesome pics


Great pics. Thats professional quality work! I sometimes jelq like that too. Its cool to hear people trying different things.


Creepy computer people, but easy to see.

Nice photo. My penis hasn’t got all that gridwork, is that a tatoo or something?

Oh and what renderer do you use. I was playing with blender recently and the camera angles were just confusing the hell out of me..


Have you tryed grabing underhanded ok grip? This work GOOD too.

and the knucklegrip makes it look so much bigger too! :D

Thanks for the comments.. I’ll try that underhand grip.

PS: I did the pictures with Poser and some post work in Photoshop. I had hoped it was a better way to illustrate my point, but I’m thinking it turned out to be a distraction.

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