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Girthy Noob

Girthy Noob

I’ve been reading a lot of threads on this site the last week, and decided to sign up last night. I have followed a slightly more ambitious newbie routine, and in three days of warm up, 500 jelqs, warm down and some manual stretching in the shower I swear (against my own better sense) I am hanging lower flaccid and seeing better EQ. My concern is to gain length, anything would be great as I’m starting from a moderate 6”, but I’m also at 6” girth and I’ve read a ton of posts concerning length gains v girth gains. So my initial thought is to start hanging out of the gate, which I keep reading is a bad idea for a noob, but at 6” girth from what I’ve read here, I may have an uphill battle for length gains. Does anyone here have experience hanging as a rookie? Or experience gaining length when starting with above average girth? Any advice would be appreciated!

Firstly, Welcome to the forum!

The advice would be: Stick with the newbie routine! at least for a few months. The reasoning is, you’ll get your penis conditioned for more aggressive, advanced exercises, (like hanging) and you’ll understand your penis anatomy and your own PIs better. You can be patient for a few months. Successful PE is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck.

Nice starting stats, BTW. A lot of our members would be glad to retire with your starting stats. Especially your girth!

:_pump: :donatecar

Thank You Sir! I have found a wealth of knowledge here and have been spending a couple hours a day average on research. I am determined to change what I’ve come to see as inadequacy and thereby insecurity within (and without) myself. This is an important project for me, wish I’d considered this sooner..

That was my initial inclination, stick with tenacious simplicity. I did my measurements and resolved to work at this for at least two months before going and checking again, although as I said right out of the gate I can tell somethings happening. In six months I believe there will be noticeable gains, but if I get much thicker won’t it make it harder to see length gains?

Thanks too, about the stats. I don’t get many complaints but I wouldn’t mind if I got more compliments.

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