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Getting extremly frustrated

Getting extremly frustrated

I’ve been away from PE since November because of constant pain. I went to the doctor soon after the pain started she said she though it was groin pull but I rested that and still pain so I went back and she then thought it was a hernia. So I’ve been waiting since then to see a urologist and I’m still going to have to wait till august to get in(friggin Canadian health care).

I just want to PE. I’ve tried it a few times and it seems like it’s making it worse. I don’t know if the stretching is aggravating the hernia or if it’s dick related. I NEED length. I’m so frustrated. I could’ve been gaining this whole time and could be at my goal length by now. It seems like I’ll never be able to PE. ARGGHHH!

The grass is always greener, US healthcare is expensive, and more than half of us including me don’t have any insurance. Hope it all works, and don’t PE if it hurts.

Originally Posted by Koapu
This is crazy, I feel sorry for you guys. Where I live we have almost free health care and I can change the doctor by just going to another, almost like changing a hairdresser.

It’s not free, it’s payed with taxes.

Actually, the health expenses pro-capite ( total amount/persons) in these States (yours, Italy and many others) is higher than in “cruel states”, and often there are much more wastes of public money, less efficient services and less respect for people who asks for Med services.

On the other hand, even if you don’t pay taxes or don’t have any money, you can have Med cures in such “social model” States.

Sorry for the off-topic.

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