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Gains Lemme know

Gains Lemme know

Okay, So I started PE about 2 and a half weeks ago using the NEWB routine.
Before I started, though, I looked through this site and found the videos on jelqing and stretching in order to optimize my technique.

I started with 5 and 7/8 EL and a 6 and 3/8 BPEL around 2 and a half weeks ago and a EG of 4 and 3/8 around that lineish thing a bit down from the head.I actually did my girth with a piece of tape folded on top of it’s self so that both sides we’re non-sticky.. Then I found the exact place that the papers overlapped marked it with a pencil and then cut it there.. Then I wrapped it around my erect mid line again and it went perfectly together so THAT was my girth-marker I guess (4 and 3/8).

So I did the newbie routine for 2 days, took a day off, did the newb routine for 2 days, took a day off.etc until around 1 and a half weeks later I got 2 little spots and I took 2 days off and started again and did the newb routine 1 day and took a day off because it was freaking sore around my bass and I kegeled extra and my muscle was actually a bit sore the next day ha ha. So I have been pretty inconsistent with my routines but now 2 and a half weeks later (yesterday) I measured again.

The tape thing couldn’t fit the whole way around my thing.. So I took a new 1 and found the exact point that worked cut it.. And measured that and it’s over 4 and 1/2.. It’s more like.. 4 and 5/8 now!! That’s like a 1/4 gain in girth..

Then I measured my EL to be 6 and maybe 1/16 and my BPEL to when I pressed up against it with a full erection to be 6 and like 9/16.(a bit more than half)

So are these results REAL and permanent or what? I am gonna continue this stuff, I’d like to get my EL to be 7 and my BPEL to be like 7.5, and my EG to be around 5.0-5.5! HOPEFULLY it’ll continue!!


Yup , I too have found gains in 2 weeks , Congratulations and keep up the good work .

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