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Gaining girth?

Gaining girth?

Yo guys, I’m 4.5” glans girth, 5.1” mid shaft girth and 5.5” base girth. Will it be harder / easier for me to gain glans girth since I already got such a huge base? Or is there no correlation? What can I do to gain glans girth? Is it realistic goal to go for 6.5” base, 6.3” mid shaft and 6” glans or something like that? Or by the time I’m 6” mid shaft what do you think my base / glans girth will be?

Unfortunately, there’s no real way of predicting what your gains will be. Personally, my gains were consistent across the board. I gained the same size in base, mid, and glans. Other guys don’t.

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My base girth is 5.5” which is larger than my MEG and glans. I have had great gains in the glans and mid, in a short amount of time. My CS is larger at the base and has slowly been enlarging and moving its way up the shaft. The glans has increased as the CS increases and it is much larger than when I started ( I never measured before PE, but it was deflated and soft even with high EQ). My glans is now full/firm/larger for the duration of arousal and my urine stream is louder more powerful, ha. The way I see it is; having a visibly larger CS at the base it should be able to be carried upward along the shaft to at least match the starting volume and it has been doing just that.

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

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