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Best Girth Gaining Methods?


Best Girth Gaining Methods?

Hey, are everyones best girth gaining methods? I’ve read about Horses and Uli’s. I also hear the Uli#3 is the best thing to use.

Can someone please tell me their best girth gaining methods ‘cause my jelqing isn’t working too well. Thanks everyone!

Hi Mick,

How long have you been jelqing for? These advanced moves might be too risky in the beginning.

Are you going for length too? It might be best to get your length gains before gaining girth.


Girth Gaining Methods

Hey, thanks for the reply SS4. I’ve actually been stretching and jelqing for about 4 or 5 months and have barely seen any gains in length or girth.

I’m gonna start some new stretching methods that I found and was looking for some new jelq mehtods and someone told me about the horses but I have no idea what those are.

If you have time could you please describe them? That would be amazing Thanks so again SS4!!!!


Sorry, I forgot, one more question before I address your queries, what is your LOT?


about LOT, I’ve tried to understand what is this but I still can’t figure out what is it and how to determine it :(


Hey SS4, no problem and thanks. My LOT is around 9, maybe a little bit lower.

Another question about tunica stretching. I was trying the rolling pin method and was just wondering if you have to hold the stretch a constant 5 minutes, or if you can do like 10 stretches of 30 second intervals.

Thanks again!!!

I like to pump for extended periods of time at extra low pressure. Seems to work good for me.


Hey Mick, how hard are you jelqing. You really have to feel the tunica and cc stretching and enlarging to get a good workout. There is all this talk about what percentage to jelq:

50%-70% ? I think I found the ideal amount of blood flow. If your jelqing and increasing your erecton, there will be a point where you cannot completley squeeze the penis because the inside will be hardened and you cannot come close touching your forefinger and thumb together. the point before you reach this….where there is a lot of blood but you can still manipulate it like it is a “chubby” — lets you really strectch out the tunica. Do long slow leqs like this with as much force as is comfortable and you should see results. Every time you jelq use your pc to pump in more blood and really make that head red and fat

And if your really sore the next day then wait a day….I do intense jelq every other day and am starting to see good results.

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With a LOT of 9 you can expect great length gains. What is your length now and what is your goal length? This will effect whether it is most effective for you do do girth exercises now or later, as girth gains may inhibit future length gains if you plan on gaining a lot of length.

Forget tunica stretching, you do not need it at the moment and will gain if you concentrate all your stretching on downward angles.

How much time and privacy do you have available for your PE routine? Do you have a partner that you need to hide PE from (or even tell him/her about it?).

Let me know these answers so I can advise further.

Hey momento, my current length is about 7 1/4” and girth is very close to 6”. The only reason I want to start the tunica stretches is because I have been doing the other stretches for about 5 months and haven’t really had any gains.

My goal is only to get to 8” in length, no longer, and girth to about 6.5” I guess, maybe a bit bigger.

So far my regular routine has been about 15-20 minutes of stretching, half that time spent stretching straight out and the other half straight down. After that I do about 30-40 minutes of some sort of jelqing.

I usually spend about 1 hour to 1.5 hours ony my routine. I can wait to gain the girth if I have to. Please tell me what you think.

Thanks so much!!!

>Hey momento

If that is aimed at me I wasn’t even in this thread ?!? Are you concatenating mods? Looks like we’ve switched from girth to length too :confused:

Well You’ve got a lot of good girth advice already. surfnitup’s jelq stuff is good, alleyways worth jelqing overhand with the penis pointing down too, that’ll help stretch you’re ligs a bit.

Personally I’ve only ever jelqed for 15 min session, then I might hotwrap and jelq another 15 but mostly not. I think that 1/2 hour is too long, you get bored, the mind wanders. 15 mins of intense jelqing is better that 1/2 hour of mediocre jelqing whilst watching wheel of fortune.

If I were you I’d split the routine in 2 if you find yourself not putting in the effort for the whole 1.5 hours. Do the stretching in the morning and the jelqing in the evening or vica-versa.

Again the stretching needs to be effective. If you are just doing short pulls with little effort its probably not worth the 30 seconds of each pull, try a method like JAI’s if you want to do that (2 second medium pull, 3 second rest and repeat - better instructions in the PEArchive).

If you want stretches with commitment try some BTC stretches or some v-stretches or similar. BTC will attack the ligs nicely.

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Sorry momento, I meant SS4!!! Can you still give me your advice SS4?



>Sorry momento, I meant SS4!!! Can you still give me your advice SS4?

I will take that as an insult! ;)

The reason I asked the questions about length is that at the moment, you have plenty of gains in the pipeline from lig stretching, but if you wanted to gain a lot you might need to stretch the tunica in the future, and girth gains make tunica stretching harder. But I think you can get 3/4” from lig stretching with your LOT, fairly quicky too if you work hard.

So go ahead and include a girth routine, you have some good advice here. Personally I would do 80% erection jelqing, doing uli’s/squeezes every so often, and build up the intensity of this (the pressure of your hands) gradually. Then after couple month or two of this I would replace them with extreme uli’s, although they are very intense. I think half an hour, 2 on 1 off is good for girth.

For the stretches and length gains, use the BTC angle, pulling through your legs from behind, or as close to that angle as you can get. I would do length exercises everyday, but make sure you build up the strength of the stretches over time. Also, do reverse kegels when you stretch, for five seconds each.

Good Luck

Hey SS4, thanks again!

I’m really sorry about this but I just have a couple more questions.

What are Uli’s (sorry, I searched the site for Uli’s but couldn’t find the definition) and what is the BTC angle (searched for that too)?

During my jelqing I do a hard kegel probably every five jelqs, is that what an Uli is?

Thanks again!!! Your information has given me some confidence ‘cause I really only want to gain 3/4”.

Uli’s can be found in PE archieve (link is at the bottom of every page):
Uli’s Routine

BTC = Between The (butt)Cheeks

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