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For those of you that have lost a lot of weight

For those of you that have lost a lot of weight

As we all know there’s a lot of length hidden in that fat pad if you’re overweight. I’ve been losing weight for a few months and I’m currently 300lb at 5’10”, down from 330lbs. I’ve only recently discovered forums such as thundersplace and jelqing etc.

My question for those who have lost a considerable amount of weight: Is your bone pressed length before you lose weight an accurate representation of what you can expect to see after the weight has been lost?

I ask because I feel like I’m pushing fat onto fat so I’m not sure.

Sorry if it’s an odd question, but we all have the same goals, and just looking for a bit of motivation to push through.


Welcome to the club, and congrats on the ongoing weight loss! Well done!

It seems that the fat in the groin area is pretty persistent and is often the last to go. (If at all) That being said, weight loss, in and of itself, will improve your life in so very many other ways. I believe that your bone-pressed measurements will be fairly consistent pre weight loss and after, (assuming that you didn’t grow due to PE) . Visually, however, your penis should look bigger, and the weight loss, (especially coupled with PE) should improve your EQ, which will be another improvement. All around, it looks like you’re on the right track. Good luck!

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I didn’t measure myself before losing 60 pounds going from 220 to 160 a few years ago so i can’t say how it affected my bpel.

But i think it depends on your body type because even before i lost the weight i didn’t have alot of fat in the pelvic area. Like alot of guys it was in my gut.

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