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First day of training trouble

First day of training trouble

Hey. I’m a newb, and started a newbie routine last night. When I was about half way through, I started feeling a little pain in the head, and soon there seemed to be small spots of blood under the skin. I don’t know if these are broken blood vessels or what. For most of the routine I was semi-erect, but there were some times when I was not erect at all. What is this and what could be the cause?


The PE manual covers the blood spots, make sure you go back and read up on them. The spots are normal, but be sure to take it easy for a few weeks at least. Warm up properly and finish with a warm wrap as well. If things aren’t feeling right, take a break for a day or two. Remember that rest time is just as important as PE time.

I was jelqing improperly (too much pressure on the dorsal nerve) and had to take a 10 week break before things were back to normal. So don’t rush things.

Also — you’ll want to solicit other opinions on this — but being not erect at all when jelqing (assuming that’s what you were dong 1/2-way through your routine) isn’t going to do much for you.

were you jelqing? When I first started jelqing, I thought I could do it like the pros and I got spots on my glans too. Also, when you are stretching, you don’t want to be touching your glans.

Hey Whatever , welcome , and good luck !

Remember , slow and steady wins the race here .

Yes , red spots under the skin as a result of PE are most likely broken blood vessels of one level or another , and are not a positive indicator .

Townhouse makes some good points , never overlook the value of a good , thorough warm up and warm down .

Also , you need to take it down a notch or so , either in your intensity , or your cadence , really focus on connecting with your body when you are performing an exercise , akin to the ” mind muscle connection ” that bodybuilders like Arnold were always referring to .

Rome was not built in a day , and neither will any gains you may make in your PE ventures .

Spots are usually normal and they go away after a few days or so. Sharp quick pains happen sometimes (at least to me). When you have a lingering pain, it is best to take few days or one or 2 weeks off.

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Thanks guys,

I’ll be resuming the routine hopefully tomorrow!

One of the other guys said it, but I think it well to repeat it.
NEVER JELQ THE HEAD. Stop before you get there.

Watch the instruction videos and read, read, read the threads. There is a great deal to learn at Thunder’s Place and a lot of good advice has been given over the years. And, use the “search” button.

And, don’t beat up on your cock, be gentle with it. It’s the only one you
will ever have, my friend, so be good to it and it will be good to you.
I promise! As I was told when I first started and was developing blisters, red spots, etc., “You don’t have to strangle it or kill it to get results.”

When you have the chance, complete your PE Statistics and Routine info. Just click “quick links” at the top, then click “PE Statistics.” It’s :easy:

Good Luck and Good PEing.

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Originally Posted by Panos

“You don’t have to strangle it or kill it to get results.”

Sometimes you must. The dick has to learn to grow, it is its own fault.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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