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Should Girth Training Be Cycled?

Should Girth Training Be Cycled?

An age old debate, but it’s not something I would mind talking about again.

When people say that their girth gains, or girth gains in general, come slower than length, do they mean while training girth everyday? Or is that during any girth training schedule?

I’m also interested in that people say they gained girth while taking breaks from PE. Now is that a complete break? Or do you still train length every day?

I’m thinking maybe length training everyday and girth work every other day would be cool program to try? I pretty much try to do both everyday, never doing less than five days a week, but now I’m getting neurotic about it. I think length can and should be trained for every day. I’m starting to think that’s the only way to go. Perhaps stretching several times a day (as most of you already do). I started doing some quick stretches while in the bathroom after pissing, now it’s like a nervous tick, and I do it every time I pee. I feel like my dick will shrink up if I don’t stretch it. Then I think about earlobe stretching and the time it takes to “modify” that bodypart, I know I got a ways to go.

But girth work is much more “deep”. You’re working with blood and pressure and veins and stuff. It hits your dick from it’s core outwards, and that’s pretty intense. Is it even neccessary to do this type of work every day? Perhaps it is. I’ve been at it every day and I’m starting to gain, but I can’t help but think, “Could I get away with doing less?” or “Am I slowing down gains because I’m doing it every day?”

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Girth is one of those things that works in cycles for some and works constant for others. I don’t know if there was a conscice study done on cycling for girth.

However, the general rule of thumb was 5 days girth in a row - then two off.

Or… 2 days working girth- one off. Two on- one off, etc.

I’ve tried this and it’s not really working for me. So I TRY to work both girth and length every day. If I do miss girth- I always work length.

My theory is that jelqing, uli’s and other girth exercises expand the tissue/make them more limber and the stretching on the days off from girth will be stretching this slightly expanded tissue- which could lead to gains.

Again it’s just a little theory of mine- I haven’t really sat down and studied this.

If you’re going to cycle, I suggest you still stretch though.

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After thinking about this at work more I have some more to say.

I notice for myself that whenever I ‘slack off’ on the Jelqing and don’t have time to do it- I just stretch instead (always!)

However, once I start heavy into the Jelqing/BTB/Ulis I begin to gain in about 2-3 weeks.

So after the stretching has stretched your tissue quite a bit, this forcing of blood and pressure into this newly stretched tissue might be why I begin to gain.

Try this:

Stretch intensely every day but only do light jelqing maybe 3-4 days a week (10 minutes jelqing). Then in about a week or so, hit some heavy jelqing sessions about 5 days a week… or 6 (30+ minutes of jelqing) plus BTB jelqs and yes keep stretching on these days also.

See how that works out.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

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