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Fast Fast Growth???


Fast Fast Growth???

Is this possible???

I got up this morning and voila! I woke up, got out of bed and looked down and WOW! I went in to take a piss and it not only looked bigger but it was a lot heavier! It hung down very nicely and strait as well. I saw my wife looking at it but she did not make a comment. Is this possible overnight, all of a sudden? I have just gotten to the end of my first month PEing. I have not measured yet today but I see a BIG difference.

My routine only consists of quick jelqing, 700 each morning in the shower and also 10 reps of Uli-squeaze. I also do 200 jelqs and 10 Ulis in the bath at night. I have done this all month with only 1 day off. I don’t like to take days off. I really enjoy jelqing and the feeling it gives me. I guess I am getting addicted to this PE stuff! Yesterday I did however perform 10 Uli-Squeazes every time I went to the bathroom. Probably about 6 times during the day. I have done these Uli-Squeazes for the past few years but never knew they had a name and I did them only occasionally, before sex to make it look and feel bigger. I think they are my ticket and I am very happy since learning to do them regularly.

Anyway, to you long-timers. Is it possible that I get this overnight gain? It is not just a little bit either. I see a huge difference…………….

If I am reading correctly that is 900 jelqs and 20 reps of Ulis a day. You go boy! He’s a mad man!! I think you should see a huge difference after all of that. Way to go vs. Visual gains are the best I think.


Yep! You read right! 900 per day. I love these things! It’s like I said, I am addicted to this practice. I have done it most of my life but never on a routine.

Thanks for the reply

Oh, one more thing I forgot to say.

I do quick jelqs and every one hundred I tighten the grip just a little and at the last 100 they are a tight as I can get them. I love the way my unit looks and feels after this………..

BTW, 700 is not an absolute with me. For instance, I had to get to work early yesterday so I only had time to do 200. Yet yesterday seemed to be the day that I waw the bigest results! Go figure.

What erection level do you jelq at? How many seconds per jelq for quick and slow?

Have you any measured gains yet?

approx 50% erection.

1 second jelqs. The ones I do at night in the bathtub are 3 second jelqs.

I have not measured gains yet but when I started I was at 6.5 length and 5.5 girth. My dick is made like me, short and fat.

Go ahead and measure vs. I would like to know how much you have grown.

Well. I came home today early from work and decided to do some edging. Measured in the middle of my session and sure enough, 1/8” gain in girth!!! No more length however but that is ok for now.

I am now 6 1/2” length and 5 5/8” girth!!!

Yeah! I am pumped!

I am telling you, those ULIs work!

Don’t get too excited. The edging might have given you that extra girth. FYI, 6.5 x 5.5 is a very nice dick, and no where near considered short or small. It is actually on the high side of average.

Yeah, I am pretty happy with the measurments as they are. I do still want a bigger unit just for the fun of having it. I am doing this in secret to see if my wife notices. So far I have gotten some pretty good reactions. So, if I did not get any more gains, that’s ok but it is fun to go up in measurement! I also really like the routine and look forward to it and i like the thought of this all being healthy for me and my prostate……..

Actually, this is the only time I measure. When I am edging. I don’t masterbate so this is the only time I am actually wacking it…….other than working out of course.

Nice going, vs. Keep up the good work and keep us all posted.

Nice man keep it up. Good luck on your gains.

Thats great bro. I too am begining to actually LOVE PEing and getting to do it not only for hope of more size but as some kind of a pastime. I think if you can somehow get this sort of mindset it will be much easier for you to go through this.

Starting size:

Length - 6.5

Girth - 5

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