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Making some sense out of my growth rate

Making some sense out of my growth rate

As everyone basically knows I am now 8.75 NBP. I have been playing around with horses lately to see if I could increase my girth.

DAMN! Believe it or not I sware that I have gained a 1/2 in girth bringing me to 6.5 around. I gained the girth so fast I am just speechlessly. I can not figure it out at all. I have been doing research upon research. Why? Why did it take me a week and a half to gain girth this fast an not length?

How in the world does this work? Of course, I am hanging, stretching, and among other things. Can someone tell me or direct me to some information on what exactly is going on inside my “dick.”

I am a patience man. But Damn! I gained girth so fast it is nerve racking.

I am obsessed with getting length and I am losing my mind.

Of course 8.75 is good. However, I am greedy as hell. I need some information so I can tie what I know together in order to make some sense out of my growth.


Do I make any sense?

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>How in the world does this work?

If you ever figure it out, please let us know.

Gains are strange. For example, by hanging you’d think progress would be relatively steady and linear. But it isn’t. Girth is even more baffling.

If you haven’t done any serious girth exercises recently, then suddenly starting around can give you some temporary gains. I noticed this when I started a girth routine but then had circumstances force me to stop for a week.

If you’re curious, you could try stopping for 3-4 days and see what happens with your girth.

People gain at different rates. If you really want to baffle yourself, then start marking with a marker on a ruler and in a month or two later re-check and re-mark the ruler and see if you have gained. You’re probably a fast gainer. Your tissue is probably great at adapting and stretching.

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Ok, So basically if the the tunica surrounds the cc or cs

Pumping blood in this area only gets me girth, is this right.

So the tunica is very big. Does anyone have a picture of the tunica or a link.

I did a search however, I can not find the proper info.

"Widsom without Kindness and Knowledge without sobriety are useless."

Sorry to bring this out of the grave, but I too am starting to PE again very soon and would like to see a picture of the tunica if someone could find one, or draw one?

Thanks all.

Previously known as rundown.

Thanks thunder :)

Previously known as rundown.

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