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Fast Fast Growth???


Well done and yes it is possible, I made similar gains, it’s all about the PC muscle workout, I just wonder when people will start listening!

I am too addicted to it, once I pop I can’t stop!

Well, I got some head last night and she did not say anything but she was sure looking at it. At one point she looked at it standing erect like a good soldier and then looked at me but did not say a word. Yeah!

My donder has gotten to where I can no longer get my fingers around it. Don’t be too impressed because I have little hands. Never the less, it is much fatter and before. Hard or with a softey.

This PE stuff is turning me into a shower. Before, when I went to the gym and the hot tubs where all the guys are in the buff, I used to feel like saying “Hey, this is just cause I’m cold! You should see me with a boner!” I didn’t say that, I just felt like it. BUT this time when I go, I will be struttin the stuff!

I personally think it is good to PE once in the morning and also the evening. If you notice, that is what my hero, Uli did. I also find that wearing no underwear keeps it hanging bigger and better all day and I think this helps with our progress…………

Cheers to you all. Do good things.


Your discovery did not happen overnight, it took 30 days and almost daily routines. Your eyes are very sensitive optical instruments and they are dialed in to your exact measurements, when a size change occurs they will transmit the joy to your brain. Others, like your wife will not be as sensitive to your metamorphose but after awhile the change will be dramatic enough that she will say something like, “honey, thats the biggest I have ever seen you.” It will be a rather benign statement so do not expect her to say, “honey, your Johnson is growing like a weed and I want to bring my friends over to see it.”

Banned for posting bullshit.

But, But I want all her friends to see it! Heh heh


Gains over night ha?

Yeah I had those a couple of times.
The next day I’d measure my self and add about 5mm.
Boost you up doesn’t it

Yeah, it does give you a rush!

It sure does make it worth while though when you see this…………

I’m happy. I’m so happy…………..

Guess what !

I just had me one of those over-night gains

I’m also happy. I’m so happy :)


Shhhh guys!!!! If you fellows keep speaking of overnight gains some will want to know your diet, how much sleep you get, if you masturbate, your routine, if your erections while jelqing are 80% or 82%, and shit like that. :)


I think that the newbie gains that I have enjoyed are nothing more than “Wakeing Up” my dong. We live for years with it just haning around in our pants and not really asked to do much. Oh, a couple of times a week, hopefully we get laid but other than that, it’s just piss time. Then all of a sudden, we start yanking and stretching and squeezing and it wakes up! I think this is what the newbie growth is all about. I could be wrong. i’ve been wrong before. I will rethink my opinoin after I have been here for 6 months………

Originally Posted by Alice Hooper
Shhhh guys!!!! If you fellows keep speaking of overnight gains some will want to know your diet, how much sleep you get, if you masturbate, your routine, if your erections while jelqing are 80% or 82%, and shit like that. :)


Well, I just started posting but I’m no newbie.
Ive been doing a PE program since I joined this wonderful forum on Sep 2004, But I did Jelqs long before that but not regularly (rarely my be the word). Didn’t do it for enlargement though. Did it because my dick felt healthier when I did.

Hmmm, I don’t get lots of night sleep. I try to sleep before 2am but I usually fail. I do work out 4 to 5 days a week ( Got a gym in the same building I live in how lucky is that :) ) and drink whey protein. I eat mostly junk food and have one serious meal a day ( thats how I keep fit, Strange ha? ).

I do masturbate (Well yeah I PE) but try not to ejaculate, I got used to that after a while.

Very simple routine, Stretches every day ( mainly ), Jelq after workout, Ulis and bends when I masturbate.

Well, you guys will hate me for saying this but….I’m a fast gainer…I think.

Gained about an Inch on my first month, and before that I hang very light weights with a simple device I created :) for a month and gained about half an inch. I stopped hanging because I didn’t wish to add weight and because it maid my glans shrink. Thanks to PE there bigger than before.

You see I measure differently. I measure with a stretched Flaccid penis. I can see gains better this way, and its just 2cm shorter than fully erect. When I gain its usualy over night and I can feel it before I measure.

Its a mental thing (BIG TIME)

Just don’t hate me :)


Why would anyone hate you, congratulations, you are a living example of how a good attitude can affect success.



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